The Royal House of Baloi_PM letter

Cultural Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste


September 26, 2011. 66th UN General Assembly [the UN World Rehabilitation Organization] speech.



PM letter






September 11, 2011



H.E. Myr Agung Sidayu

SPMUDA Goodwill Ambassador and

Special Adviser to SPMUDA President

for Southeast Asian Nations

ICDL, Indonesia



SUBJECT: Noble Title and Award



Your Excellency,

Respectfully transmitted herein a copy of the above subject.

Looking forward to working with you to realize our programs and various projects for the benefit and welfare of our constituents.



Thank you.



Peacefully yours,


HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali, MPA, Pr FIGA, DTMSI, DP, DH

Sultanate Prime Minister & Founding Chairman, SPMUDA International