New unified theory of the Korean Peninsula.(In 1996 by Kim Jung Sun)._Korean peninsula future. (3/4)






In the multiplication of four super powers around Koreas within 10 years, the World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) will help Korea to grow as a strongest friend of the United States as a means for preparing the possibility of world rule reformation, so that it is possible to obtain a means and a balance with respect to four super powers, and the secretary of the united nations will come from the far East Asia. As a result of the proposal for the above demand by suggesting in the high level policy decision procedure of the US president Bush and the US security council, a positive response was received from the United States government. As a result, the secretary of the united nations was elected from Korea. The first of the UN Secretary-General (Mr. Ki-Moon, Ban) has been discharged from South Korea.


[The United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] for the United States, including Obama's expressed interest, human rights organizations, UN agencies and the participation of world peace on Sept. 21, 2011 due to the 66th UN General Assembly on [the World Declaration of Human Rights for Disabled] based on [World Rehabilitation Organization] for the adoption of the agenda was whether or not mentioned before.


In the future, and after reunification in order to prepare for, even once the world's assessment of human rights organizations continue to cooperate with the UN [United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] will ask you to give to assume.


In addition, the World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) with aims that [the world's human rights-oriented nation] the reunification of the role of a bridgehead as a 'democratic completion stage, human dignity', for October 13, 2011 Korea-US summit, a joint announcement was asked.


Further, [the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization] to attract the general headquarters in Korea, Lee Myung-bak (MB) and the government's active participation is requested.


The MB government has established the SUN belt economy connecting the marine railroad(Pusan-Mokpo) on May 8, 2008. The UN ESCAP has brought the continent railroad passage section plan with respect to the world distribution through the Asia-crossing railroad construction to the UR and the WTO on June, 2022, and based on which the WRO reset an Asia-crossing railroad new project connecting the Asia-crossing railroad and the continent railroad and the marine railroad in the section of <Pusan-Mokpo-China(Shanghai-Guangzhou)>, and the amendments were brought to the Korean government(East-West-South coastal development special law formation procedure), so the worldwide distribution station was obtained in Korea with respect to the world distribution transaction propelled by means of the UN. As a result, the total conclusion will be given as follows in this article, which is summarized as showing that Korea is ahead in its UN WRO introduction appropriateness and profit as compared to Mexico.



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