World Economic Forum (WEF)_(Korean-style third way: "Hicks capitalist" model, proposed)



For practical training to strengthen the capitalist powers of the national debt awful, high strength building financial supervisory system through appropriate regulatory and avert the crisis of capitalism too, include the current capitalist financial system to solve problems facing the world today were unsuccessful.



Market reached a universal and infinite pole, winner of the competition for the fatal flaw in capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth cause stems from the ideological contradictions. 4.0, the solution proposed by the capitalist "road to capitalism and warm," the vocabulary itself is a logical contradiction for a quantum leap is fiction.



Awareness of the new capitalist paradigm of care and transform the economic integration will require a revolution in the system.



"Korean-style third way: Hicks capitalism" What is?



"Higgs particle capitalism" is the implied definition.



The new economic terms, <"Hicks capitalism" and "utilitarian capitalism" or "capitalist economic integration"> is defined as:



Higgs particle exists. But the God particle is known as invisible. Korea's political geography or geographical economics are at the special circumstances. This ceaseless growth and distribution of the centripetal force for the new "stable integration and redistribution of economic integration on the system" is required.



"Korean-style third way," Hicks from the absolutely necessary condition for capitalism, defense economics, welfare economics, a unified economic, infrastructure, economic factors, and four is And "stable integration and redistribution of economic integration on the system structure" consists of a triangular shape.



Located in the bottom corner of the triangle of three factors Defense economics, welfare economics, economics is unified.



One argument at the top of the triangle points is the infrastructure economics.

Been connected to the inner triangle, four factors is the focal point of the set of chains invisible factor as a, is defined as the Higgs particle.



Come upon a crisis for capitalism peninsula Revolution 16 years ago (Subtitle: State ruled four of Commerce / 1996 published taeil Publishers) and has published.

12 February 2012. South Revolution (Subtitle: State ruled four of Commerce), 100 series.



South Revolution (Subtitle: State ruled four of Commerce / 1996 published taeil publisher)_1/100 part series (Mr. Jung-Sun Kim) <World Rehabilitation Organization> provides a data transfer. "Source.>