Korean Peninsula War(Mr. Jung-Sun Kim)



by Jung -Sun Kim


It seems that a lot of efforts and sacrifices are needed for the divided people and unification. When viewing the unification issue of Koreas in objective views, there are not always bright hopes and vision.


What can we do for the unification of our people? There are various variables, and various estimation and ways might be estimated depend in gon the international situation and relation between Koreas. The unification of Koreas cannot be easily achieved under any situation by means of only one nation, and it is recognized that the reverse development from the international environment should not be done.


What the strategy of the unification of the diplomacy of Koreas might be expanded toward the East North and worldwide range beyond Koreas means that the stability of Koreas and East north Asia might be barometer directly affecting the security of unified Korea.


On the four-party conference along with the United States and China who are to play key roles in the unification of Koreas, a policy collaboration between the United States and Korea works well, but China keeps a mediation stance between Korea, the United States and North Korea while preventing any influence from the United States, so it seems that China uses the conference as a change for expanding the influence with respect to Koreas. China and Japan keep a posture of maximizing the nation's benefits rather than building a peace system by attending the discussion on unification. Korea has set a diplomatic tie with China even in the cold war era, but North Korea has maintained a long time blood relationship with China. In this matter, it seems that Korea has not done any key role for maximizing the nation's benefit in view of the intermediate position.


As North Korea's system is to be corrupted soon, there is a serious concern on the future and existence of the North Korea's system, so the possibility on the unification grows. Nevertheless a lot of people are reluctance to discuss on the unification worrying on a high unification cost, and worries about the world-class leadership with respect to the side effect occurred in the course of the unification of Germany. In addition, there are a lot of worries and fears about the unclear future on the unification. However the unification that we all necessarily prepare and achieve for the prosperity and bright future of Koreas should be prepared in positive manner.


In particular, it seems that the international cooperation posture of the president Lee Myung-bak who continues to emphasize a combination of the international cooperation and Koreas' cooperation as one policy should be considered based on the special situation between Koreas while respecting the universal standard and value of the international society. Namely, it is possible to promote the change of North Korea and to further develop the relationship between Koreas. Although the MD government emphasizes the change of North Korea compared to Rho's government, it is hard to expect a high level development between Koreas unless there is a basic change in the system of North Korea.


Namely, the international effort represents a change of North Korea and a development of Koreas and a Korea's diplomatic effort for achieving the peace unification. Such efforts might be a result of the diplomatic behavior with respect to the unification appropriateness for obtaining the supports with respect to the policy toward North Korea of Korean government and the Korea's unification policy. So, a stable infrastructure is needed for effectively propelling the unification diplomacy.


As the recognition on the unification benefit along with the agreement with respect to the unification appropriateness is embodied, a dynamic and executable desire for unification is needed. Although the separation and unification are intended to be discussed only based on the cost and benefit for supporting the above confidence, it is impossible to recognize the physical and visible matters that the unification brings us as compared to the political, economical, social-cultural damages due to the separation. Since the cost for separation can be compensated at the time of unification, it seems that the removal of the cost for separation might bring us the direct benefit from the unification. If the unification is made, a sudden unification can be more beneficial as compared to a slow and gradual unification.


The neighboring counties such as China, Japan and Russia might change their diplomatic concepts while considering a load with respect to Koreas for the reasons that the territory expands with the help of unification, and the population increases, but it does not mean the increase of economy. Namely, it seems that the unification between Koreas does not largely affect the neighboring countries with respect to the definition of the divided countries or the unified Koreas only with the influences against the world economy facing Korea in recent years.


In case of China, although 20 years have passed since the breakout of Tiananmen square democracy movement, the history scholars considers the final stages of 10 years on the first China of 21 century in the frame of world economy, and at this time the economy power of China which continues to grow does not help the democracy to bloom in China which is called G2 along with the United States, and the democracy is hidden as a seed under the shade of communist of China which obtains a high score from peoples. In this view, a great advancement of China is expected, which is currently considered as a giant monster in the world.


In particular, the Chinese economy did not achieve the G2 as a super power in the world economy with the help of North Korea. In order to keep the stance of G2, the frame structure of Korea economy is absolutely needed, so the negative opinion on the Tiananmen square democracy movement is not considered as an important matter as compared to the past.


When the influence of China increases, it seems that the influence with respect to the unification of Koreas and the union of Asian countries might be hard, but behind the super power appearance of China, there are a lot of warnings with respect to the debts in public field of China from locally and abroad. "As the public debts of China increased up to 96% of GDP of China, China causes another problem in the world economy" warned by one renowned economist of the United States. The dangers of the debits of the local governments are considered as being dangerous also, so it seems that the China economy, which is on the verge of recovery, might be a new factor damaging to the world economy.


As the further scholars say about the unification of Koreas, "it seems that the system of North Korea does not work due to failure". "North Korea abruptly disappears, and fast" said the experts. As a result, Korea should take over North Korea, so the cost for unification that Korea should take over increases greatly.


As described above, since China who abruptly appeared as a super power in the world will not positively take part in the unification of Koreas due to an inappropriate economical burden to be caused by means of a bubble economy of China, so it is possible to expect that China won't stay under the environment of Koreas based on a geometrical limit. Furthermore, since the Korea's economy development rate might fall down at a high possibility due to the cost for unification in view of the economic frame of Korea based on the world economy situation, it can be assumed that the neighboring countries might welcome such situations, so the paradigm to be valuable for a study in the frame of one world economy in the course of unification of Koreas should not be neglected.


In the present article, it is suggested that a no-blood absorption unification is possible with the help of self-corruption in the book "New unification theory" in view of the international political situations with respect to the unification procedure of Koreas through the books written by the researchers.


For the above suggestion, the three-stage theory is needed as big presumptions. The three-stage corruption stages consist of a first stage: economic corruption from the isolation from economy, a second stage: military collaboration after the death of Kim, Jung-il, and a third stage: a corruption procedure due to big earthquake.


The nigh stages of the new unification theory are as follows by reforming the combined multiplication. The first stage starts from "the increase of international terror due to the isolation of North Korea, and the second stage means the reason of "the system corruption of North Korea occurred due to the sudden corruption". Here, the three major reasons of the sudden corruption are as follows. First, the big earthquake in the strait of Tsusima, and second the leakage of nuclear radiation from the Young by un along with the earth quake of Koreas, and third the big disaster in Koreas.


It might be assumed that the above-presumed stages might be reversed. At this situation, in the third stage, Kim Jung-il dies or escapes, and in the fourth stage, a temporal North Korea's military government is set, and in the fifth stage, a full war begins between Koreas. In the sixth stage, a no-blood war based unification is obtained. The important factor of the local instability in the course of the unification is the seventh stage in which an overture so-called the increasing conflict between religion of Koreas(resurrection of world end theory). In the eighth stage, it will face a great peninsular revolution. Through the unstable social structure, in the ninth stage, it will face a pacific-ocean era about the peninsular in 21st century.

Concerning the above assumptions on the situation development of Koreas, The US professor Ferguson said as follows in the article called "new 10-years, the reunification of Koreas will be the biggest historical event in the world."


Korea is called like a walnut in the walnut cracker, namely, between two super powers of China and Japan. What strategy should Korea follow? The nation stuck between two super powers might be look disaster like Poland and Korea experienced in the past. The best way is to have the sincerest friend apart from this region. Globalization is good for Korea. Since the power is distributed globally, it is possible to make the influences of the neighboring countries weaken. The best strategy that Korea can select is good for Korea as globalization is widened. If the Asian imperialism appears, such situation is not good for Korea.


As a measure for the above opinions, the Korean MB government proceeds with the following globalization measures. So, it is needed to introduce World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) to Koreas including the world human right of human being dignity in order to cope with the black hole which means the upcoming economical, social and political confusion and is to cause the changes in four super powers and the unification of Koreas based on the decrease of the United States(decrease of pax-Americanism along with the world finance system down), so the world vision for globalizing the nation is absolute, and the MB government is a nation who proposed the UN WRO passed in the 6st UN meeting in December 13, 2006 with respect to the inherent agenda called World human right nation when exploding Koreas as the center nation of world. In order to introduce the UN WRO to Korea, many countries are struggling to host the same with respect to 198 nations including Mexico.


In the multiplication of four super powers around Koreas within 10 years, the World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) will help Korea to grow as a strongest friend of the United States as a means for preparing the possibility of world rule reformation, so that it is possible to obtain a means and a balance with respect to four super powers, and the secretary of the united nations will come from the far East Asia. As a result of the proposal for the above demand by suggesting in the high level policy decision procedure of the US president Bush and the US security council, a positive response was received from the United States government. As a result, the secretary of the united nations was elected from Korea. The first of the UN Secretary-General (Mr. Ki-Moon, Ban) has been discharged from South Korea. In contrast, Ban's intimate political move rather frigid Korean peninsula, diplomacy and international exposure of the limitations of the UN Secretary-General is difficult reelection. Since unification, and the future in order to prepare for any WRO is classified as the United States modeled after George B. Parr Kerford, Ph.d. is preparing wishing to beseech you.


The MB government has established the SUN belt economy connecting the marine railroad(Pusan-Mokpo) on May 8, 2008. The UN ESCAP has brought the continent railroad passage section plan with respect to the world distribution through the Asia-crossing railroad construction to the UR and the WTO on June, 2022, and based on which the WRO reset an Asia-crossing railroad new project connecting the Asia-crossing railroad and the continent railroad and the marine railroad in the section of <Pusan-Mokpo-China(Shanghai-Guangzhou)>, and the amendments were brought to the Korean government(East-West-South coastal development special law formation procedure), so the worldwide distribution station was obtained in Korea with respect to the world distribution transaction propelled by means of the UN. As a result, the total conclusion will be given as follows in this article, which is summarized as showing that Korea is ahead in its UN WRO introduction appropriateness and profit as compared to Mexico.


In the total conclusion of this article, in order to meet the unification procedure with respect to the peninsular unification, as a one of the globalization in Korea, the WRO propelled by the MB government is introduced to Korea, so it seems that the big industrial revolution can come throughout the advantageous nation industries behind the world human right nation.


The detailed examples with respect to the great industry revolution throughout the nation industries will be described.

While the WRO belonging to the UN is introduced to Korea, the influences which would affect the MB government will be described briefly. Namely, it is possible to create a new welfare economy nation based on the great change of nation economy infrastructure, the implementation of which will be as follows.


In order to cope with the unification of Koreas which is to come unexpectedly, as an initial stage of the great change of the nation economy infrastructure, the WRO suggested eighth stages execution plan for new welfare nation with respect to the world disabled person welfare and worldwide human right promotion and welfare economy implementation.


First stage: It is a demand which needs a revolutionary change of a human right promotion for worldwide disabled person and new thought with respect to welfare economy. WRO with respect to Mexico and South Korea are competing to attract a symbol of the UN WRO was preempted.


Second stage: It is needed to keep the UN disabled person human right agreement decided in the UN conference, and the UN organization of the World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) is introduced to Korea, and the universal nationwide welfare project of the international protocol combined with the world economy created from the Rehabilitation Science(RS) industry should be developed.


Third stage: The 21st century science is an age of the advanced RS industry. So, it is needed to pursue a new welfare economy nation by suggesting the entire system revolution with respect to the conventional welfare policy so that the welfare economy can be implemented for a circulation of the growth and re-investment unless the organization and welfare of the ministry of health and welfare of the central government becomes a consumption concept of the simple distribution.


Furth stage: Robot, unmanned space explorer aircraft, deep sea submarine, computer, voice recognition device, video, etc. are resulted from all advanced Rehabilitation Science(RS) in Gunsan industry complex(nation device science) from silicon valley with respect to the section of Nation defense of the advanced countries such as the United States. In the advanced countries, the importance of the RS was first recognized as an important section, and through the growth of the Rehabilitation Science Technology(RST) , the nation defense science field as well as the welfare promotion for disabled person and the detailed policy for disabled person are prepared. Namely, it is possible to create the nation competiveness with a high added value by forming the silicon valley of the nation foundation industry related with the advanced space science and 4T{Information Technology(IT)+Biological Engineering Technology(BT)+Environment and Nano Technology(NT) produced from the agenda RS industry of the nation industry economy. In particular, it is needed to form the understanding and systematic structure concerning the FMS operation system connected with the international finance concerning the FMS support and a proper defense cost decision factor of the ORFs by connecting the international finance program related with the RS field to the structure and system of the business acquisition office of the nation defense field. The RD engineering department which is the advanced science industry was established in each university depending on the recommendation from the WRO based on the education policy of the United States.


Fifth stage: it is needed to develop the recognition level of nation to a welfare advanced nation by protecting the indignity of human being through a human right enhancement and a right protection of disabled person in the world and by providing an integrated function to the world peace and the welfare of people.


Sixth stage: it is necessary for the ministry of land, transport, and marine time affairs to predominate the IMO as the bridgehead for the ocean era after the unification of Koreas. As the UN WRO passed the proposal with respect to the introduction of the LRIT of the IMO, the MB government has become a permanent nation of the IMO in the first period of governing.


Seventh stage: the 21st century <by focusing on RS(Rehabilitation Sciences) industry for pioneering the future of space between Korea•U.S. manned exploration of Mars and the space between the securing> the G8 countries entering the global organization is a critical starting point. which can come together by occupying "5GHz wireless frequency bandwidth and 130dBm which is an absolute level frequency for natural biology system:. The United States government announced the end of the mobile phone ear of 2.5G-3G CDMA-TDMA code division owned by Quallcomm corporation and decided to use WRC-03 to 5GHz bandwidth(5.150~5.350MHz, 5.470~5.725MHz for the wireless connection system including wireless LAN and finally announced to adapt 130dBm, which is an absolute level for nature biology system, as the universal frequency of the United States industry. The WRO adapted 5GHz wireless frequency bandwidth which is called a 4GHz and 5GHz information communication revolution for the salvage through the RS industry and 130dBm which is the absolute frequency for nature biology as it submitted the use recommendation to the UN secretary office and the permanent nations, which is the exclusive right of the universal frequency of Korea. Since the above frequency is essential to 4T{Information Technology(IT)+Biological Engineering Technology(BT) +Environment and Nano Technology(NT)and information system, the value of the same is limitless.


Eighth stage: if a war occurs in Korea, the existence of the UN organization of the WRO is very important as a first external defense system from a foreign force invasion, and it can be upgraded to the national agenda in connection with various international finance industries of 198 nations. In this case, the best strategy that Korea can choose is a knowledge based thought with respect to the nation management of the globalized world organization in which the world economy can be flexible as the Koreas' unification organization is globalized. Namely, the definition of the peninsular big revolution suggested in the new unification theory is needed, and the above elements should be built or reorganized as the nation industry nation defense welfare economy infrastructures. <End>