Global economic structure "to pursue practical value of human dignity capitalism (or capitalism, economic integration)" will be converted to.



Today, Korea is the next generation of conservative and liberal parties and cried together, the "economic democratization" What is the definition? "Economic democracy" based on the concept of a revolutionary theory that Marx, "The economic (infrastructure) + Democracy (superstructure)" as a combination of, historical development has already been verified through a failed logic.


Out of Marx's theory of motivation in the history of the stage, the development of the country, with the advent of this class appeared, the state's function and purpose is the violent repression mechanism. Two are members of the bourgeoisie that the proletariat, because the ability to exploit class. That country several class conflict to suppress An instrument because the ruling class and this country by their own special interests to defend, to their legal, political and ideological superstructure of all means and their interests only fascinated the rest of the oppressed proletariat should be emphasized that.


After all the serious contradictions and conflicts between the two classes from the right of the dialectic and Antithese These appear as a conflict, and in the process, Synthese social progress consists of a look that made.


For this reason, the Marxist assumption that form and all the theory and doctrine to accommodate the many preceding theory and doctrine, catering, is configured via the process of selection have been systematized.


Of three sources of Marxism is one of economics.


All the great revolutions of history, Marx ultimately stems from economic reasons because I believe that first studied the French Revolution, and it tries to identify in relation to criticism. The reason for the revolution, social and economic penetration into the realm is becoming a complete success. French Revolution (March 18, 1867 - May 27 th of the same year they erected the city of Paris in Paris, socialist revolutionary government) essentially bourgeois proletariat's struggle for economic emancipation of the workers to achieve a form of government were considered. It had put into the basic model of the dictatorship of the proletariat will


Marx's such a claim by the state to occur naturally occurring variety of other reasons fewer men, despite the emphasis on economic factors and class struggle to promote materialism and Marx put it on that claim can be seen as an attempt to align .


This definition of the state to carry out the struggle of the ruling class has seen as part of the Organization. Theory of justice in this country that is a consequence of the political system, political and economic reality of the armed forces can not change the reason comes from.


Marx against the benefits of the economic structure of society is the ultimate holding.


Social structure of the underlying economic system is always based on actual building of society and social structure like the top of the law, philosophy, politics, religion, and the institutions on the basis of the infrastructure, working under the premise of materialism is determined by gachiseol surplus value and much more.


Thus, the historical materialism of Marx's fundamental component of social development and economic conditions, the development of the society were made by the dialectic can be seen.


However, Marx, Hegel ever growing because of the existence and phenomena between the past and had the distinction and what is essentially, and what is accidental between what the equivalent of discrimination by the influenced Marx reality the material world and the match, and the symptoms Philosophy , or consistent with the idea to overcome the vast Hegel thought that history.


So every thought and idea is essentially the reality that lies beneath, as economic conditions by showing that the description will be attempted.


Of course, all that may be true in part dealt with too hastily the rest fell into self-contradiction. In other words, economic factors, the inevitable falls by the capitalist countries, the prophecy that many of today's relevence Marx, the capitalist state would not have seen. In addition, in the modern world economy, developing countries must be stable and should develop national economy and security have also durable. From this point of view, it could be argued not only our economic advantage, but also to insist on political advantage, is also a contradiction.


When Marx analyzed society, with those who have focused on people and getting out of loose, productive and naturally produced changes in the relationship with a person of the means of production has changed, and those who have been formed, the forces and relations of production inconsistent with a person because of an increase in those who have been expanded. At last, the proletariat has not been caused by the revolution the old relations of production is replaced by the new relations of production, and finally the advent of socialism that Marx wishes particularly, this fixation has been described as dialectical. That is slavery, feudalism, capitalism, the contradictions within the system itself, by the dialectic of opposing communism, according to the order is to receive. In other words, the contradictions, conflicts over the development history of dialectical thought the law was inevitable.


Hegel's dialectic corporation thesis, antithesis, synthesis of Marx's theory as it succeeded too. Socialist revolution through practical ways to streamline theory, the final goal of a society in which "communist society" was placed on. And Poyiel Bach and Karl Marx say about the matter and recognize the problem even in the human brain are reflected in our video material is called, also will go away when he dies, the brain, the brain does not even matter if you do not end up with a logical contradiction.


Then, all of Marx's communist utopia was the eternal resting place is nostalgia as a society will no communist society?


About this, including the Marxist system, which also allows the Communists have never presented a comprehensive blueprint. However, according to historical materialism of Communism, Engels and Lenin, such as marks or by the Communist Party of Communists through violent revolution will shorten the realization of communist society, and stresses should be reduced.


This is probably the time, a thorough history of determinism espoused by the communist revolution, the Communist Party then called "voluntarism" is bound to be expressed as:


In addition, the inevitable Ron imposed in the course of a sudden proletariat by a variable-castle to call communism, historical materialism a sweet each antagonistic in the two views any explanation and without coexisting by a thorough logical contradiction in the fall can not help the fact that I chose to view is


As a result, the validity of any theory or that the sorter is not a valid criterion can be grasped only through practical exercises that are suggested. In particular, the validity of the theory of the Communists and fidelity and to verify whether the measures and standards and practices, so much so, I will emphasize that.


Karl Mannheim's "sociology of knowledge" is equal to the danger that, in this world any attention, even thought there can be no absolute or geotyiran remains fixed. Any ideology beyond the constraints of time and a place with the universality and validity can not be true is that of a permanent.


Marx and Lenin in the human brain is finite sosanin Marxist-Leninist ideology of many errors, which is only one. Today, the Communist Party of China and many communist countries, and even the Marxist-Leninist refused to give up, and tells it well in the restaurant is two.


In conclusion, now in modern capitalist society, Marxism lost the ability to apply the ideas of the past era is the theory. I was born in the 19th century to solve the problem piecemeal social revolution can be said to be moot.


As well as people with too much of a stretch by anyone who does not have the original extreme right wave or dislike extreme left wing, but rather to neutralize extreme right wave or extreme left wing middle class due to the lack of action today that will be a very dangerous state.


So-called revolutionary theory of Marxism in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, became the ruling ideology. Descendants of Marx's theory of Marx, Lenin also fixes a lot of theory, or flip, was also.


This is referred to as “creative interpretation of Marxism as" an excuse, but many discrepancies between Marx and Lenin, and there are differences.


Stalin and the Soviet Union came to a mighty nation, called for the air traffic control or as Secretary of state doctrine to degenerate into ideology, was reduced. Today's "oppressive, totalitarian communism“, and violent revolution, class struggle, which is based on the dictatorship of the proletariat militant, was transformed into fanatical ideology.


Thus, Marxist-Leninist ideology of the rational, objective and scientific theory, not the enemy thoroughly partisan and objective. Axiom because it has elements young people sometimes temporarily, should also attract impulse.


But this is just an "fascination of fallacy" is nothing.


If so, Marxism today completely disappeared completely useless and will be faced with the question.


Marx's theory of advanced capitalism, but mainly in the backward region has considerable power. In underdeveloped countries the middle class who have not formed the specter of Marx would be alive. The reason for Asia, Africa, Latin America, a politically independent, and the new country, but did not achieve economic independence, because the situation lies.



Thank you very much.


February 23, 2012



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.