The discovery of the New World in the United States. _ Peninsula future


America's new defense policy, as the focal point of the peninsula that Asia-Pacific region, [the world peace in this world] and the [global environmental conservation] "for space development strategy of" the implications are defined.





Thomas P.M. Barnett's book The Pentagon's New Map_Blueprint For Action in the overall global policies of the U.S. government, despite the events of the global crisis from an unexpected deal with reality, and such unexpected results due to the lead in the future was the driving force of the country. Factor due to such unexpected, and consequently [Pax Americanism] the mighty came to define America's image has been created.


Many of the constellations, only stars in the dust [earth], the space between the black hole phenomenon happens constantly swept away by the time be destroyed or difficult to predict.


[World peace in this world] and the [global environmental conservation] vision for the future of mankind, as the focal point of the peninsula that Asia-Pacific region and in the new U.S. defense policy, "space development" strategy is the realization of.


The new defense policy in the United States, [Space Development Strategy] for the possibility of the realization, or, [space development] to pioneer era, the universe, the stars, overlooking the [Eastern spiritual world] and [Rehabilitation and Space Science] should only be combined. This soon, South Korea-United States get out happy for the two countries, because the fate of world history.


As the focal point of the peninsula to the United States, Asia-Pacific region, in the mighty [Pax resurrection of Americanism] For the United States to hold their own in his ankle, [space development] from about understanding and contradictory, coupled with the [South Korea's security situation] must be solved for the shackles.


1. [Space development] in order to, for a stable supply of nuclear fuel enrichment and reprocessing spent nuclear fuel for the right to limit the release of the regulations a top priority (first) is.


2. [Space development] in order to intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which defaults to the private rocket delivery systems, UAV and missile-related research and development related to regulatory restrictions off for a priority (first) is.


3. [Space development] in order to, the U.S. space agency (NASA), mainly in the prediction of the future of humanity and its future [World Defense Systems] and, to countries around the world [the space defense system] can be conscious about the international provisions should be made.


4. As the focal point of the peninsula to the United States, Asia-Pacific region in the mighty [Pax resurrection of Americanism] and the second in the Peninsula area for the construction of the space agency, recognize and cope with the rapidly changing situation in Korea [South Korea-United States coalition commanders] from the next defense minister of internal affairs of the United States should be.


For example, in the era of the future, [Cold War] can not get out of the framework of the United States [National Security Council]'s obsolete, [South Korea security] for the prejudice, never, [South Korea's security situation] you are looking for pie-processing methods can not provide a workaround for. In addition, you can find old-world product will be at the same time. Beyond that, prior to taking measures in the future [World Defense Systems] will evolve with the rapidly changing into different forms. By this, we [the world defense system], for the United States forever, can not be an era of preemption means.



The reason is as follows.


1. [Space development] rehabilitation and Space Science (Neuroscience humanity IT) product of 1. Centrifugal switch by the ICBM delivery systems, 2 fifth-generation (5GHz) band of the complex modulation, 3 fold (hologram), 4.C4I infrastructure of organized, 5. [SDI defense strategy] organized in conjunction with the Rehabilitation of Science and Technology, 6. British-American military-industrial complex system is mixed -, Korean military-industrial complex, etc. realized by the transition had to step aside because of. Thus, existing, 1. Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) delivery systems, 2. Levels of delivery systems and reprocessing nuclear fuel for energy security, such as the classic concept is meaningless.


2. Earth's crust displacement of the universe, black holes and the external environment, such as distortion of the earth, combined with constantly by the action of molten mantle and magma is erupted. The composition of the molten magma of the fact that the uranium should not be forgotten. Global environment, [Armageddon] is facing an era of chaos. Second and third nuclear accident due to natural disasters must be prepared for. Thus, Korea's uranium enrichment and use of the existing spent fuel for reprocessing facilities should ensure stable. As a result, more than for a stable supply of nuclear fuel, from deformation, which can cause a profound increase in the risk of nuclear proliferation can be prevented. Beyond that, Japan's active faults in the peninsula bordered by the continuous deformation (earthquake) is to cope with a disaster on Earth.


3. The future of the United States non-proliferation on the peninsula, apart from nuclear logic to realize that in the era will not be able to convince world public opinion. First of all, around the peninsula in Northeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia and held [the reduction of nuclear strategy] through, this is accompanied by [North Korea's nuclear strategy] to [suppress-blocking-Obsolete] The step drill. must take [the peninsula non-nucleation] can succeed.


4. Occurring in the United States around the world, second and third case of nuclear accident due to natural disasters should be In particular, the United States as the focal point of the peninsula that Asia-Pacific region in the nuclear accident, the Korea-US alliance should be to predict the worst.


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In the end,


International politics, the past, U.S. President Ronald Reagan of the United States-Japan alliance, for "energy security dimension of the reprocessing-enrichment may be accepted," who note that the case will not escape.


1. US-Japan alliance as the premise of the United States-South Korea alliance, for "energy security dimension of the reprocessing-enrichment may be accepted" with the understanding that is expected to be made.


2. In addition, American Pie-processing solution, too, the United States to support Korea's civilian nuclear program, South Korea's energy and satellite technology to expand cooperation in the areas that will conclude this day.


But then, it's, America's new defense policy is a relic of the Cold War would be a terrible system, has raised concerns.


If, yesterday, [WRO_World Rehabilitation Organization] to organize the IT infrastructure for C4I, including the United States around the world to share in the present theory, unless the center of IT industry in the United States today, Qualcomm, Apple, Google and Korea's IT industry development, as well as, LG, Samsung companies would have had to exist?


All of the technologies used for the human race, [the current human], the following: leaving given us, [tomorrow's humanity] shall be prepared for.


Observe the Earth from space, look, just in the dust of many constellations star[Earth] is one. Those that exist in the dust of the earth on the planet in human history, including the United States in the form of world countries, too, one of the [theme] that one should not forget that as well.



July 31, 2012



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.