Meaning of Independence Day. Dokdo in South Korea waters, the Russian-Japanese war to be prepared.



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Because the country did not have enough strength, the country will be lost.

South Korea said the Koreans themselves mistaken and are living a great country.

When people look at the national consciousness, and again in foreign countries may be picked up stripped roots are not even aware of.


On developments in the rapidly changing world, Cuttlefish foreseeable future, even in front did not have predictive ability, which spoiled the appearance of a professor, as the reality of Korea is riddled with fiction is dramatic.

The president of South Korea, Korea's local (territorial) It is natural that visit. Nevertheless, what's bad or fought, as the next state politicians, even those operating in opposition saying, Moreover the drought, its natural action of the President, etc. all over the country exposed to the inconveniences noisy.


By this, the powerless state, showing the obvious is a form of powerless people.

Yet, the Korean people themselves Korea mistake that a great country and are living.


What is the meaning of Independence Day!

Formalities such as the Liberation pageantry events when thousands had become what one!

If you do not force the country, and again the kingdom to lose Is not there a natural consequence.


On the same day in its own territory, even if you do not speak for the future, Korea will not.


Dokdo and the southern tip of Jeju Island in Korea Mara (and Ieodo) linked to the territory by the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty that is set on the basis of economic sovereignty that corresponds to the 200 sea miles EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone, EEZ) around the world published in should be.


1. Dokdo in South Korea (and Ieodo) criteria is associated with, 200 sea miles in the Exclusive Economic Zone, the world is oriented with the participation of the peoples of the world, the ecosystem science base for the study of the need to build undersea exploration.


French publisher of Atlas "Atlas World Atlas 2012 Edition", and Dokdo in Korea under the 1954 ruling that the annotated.


2. Mara southern part of Jeju Island, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for vessels on international voyages location tracking (LRIT) centers responsible organizations need to build bases.


World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the South Korea Ministry of Maritime Affairs and International Maritime Organization (IMO) for vessels on international voyages location tracking (LRIT) Center for General Organization for the construction of the base has submitted a proposal. (January 1, 2006)


The United States, Asia-Pacific region in the exchange-Pacific era to go, the East Sea and Dokdo issue, just Korea-Japan relations should not be neglected. Asia-Pacific Exchange-Pacific in order to shape the era, the United States-Japan-South Korea alliance of the three, each must be addressed rationally. The United States, Korea and Japan in an alliance between Japan's unilateral force is caused by a "Dokdo territory" to resolve conflicts of interest should be paid for the interventional.


Japan, the United States, the United States-Japan alliance, prior to World War caused the Japanese always the fact that parties should not be forgotten. Japan is already in the United States by the United States to enforce, and military power was a painter. For producing the world wars, to build a justification of Korea's territory, Dokdo as Japanese territory and will be forced. Once again, the Korea's Dokdo as a platform, for entry into the continent, the military has been taken at a strategic level that should not be forgotten. The behavior of these territorial disputes, and finally, driving with another territorial dispute, Russian-Japanese war will cause.



August 12, 2012

World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.