The collapse of Korea's IT enterprise. _ "Fifth-generation(5GHz) GPS satellites, a composite of information and communication technology" changes the history of mankind.



Dear President, Mr. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Facebook


Congratulations for taking the company public.


"Apple" of Mr. Tim Cook Chairman of the feedback delayed relationships, WRO (World Rehabilitation Organization) primarily of the future in the IT industry in Korea Seagod-Telecom and Google, and Facebook together, the "world's leading IT integrated multinational corporations" born to be offer.


Australian Government with the cooperation of countries with respect to satellite communication network, primarily the World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) the source of fifth-generation(5GHz) technology products for satellite mobile phone handsets, the initial test sample size that corresponds to the production of 1 million pcs system is proposed to be formed.


The primary production of satellite mobile phone handsets, "Google" was acquired by Motorola, which suggests that production at the factory. In addition, the GPS satellite information related to technology transfer and Telecommunications Research Institute of the Australian Government established a national satellite network system to be completed, a request from the Australian government ever erected in an area that is proposed.


Around the world to advance the future of the relationship between the manufacturing plant expansion in consultation with the U.S. government as the United Nations will be offered specific business proposal. Been expressed many times we've gotten, WRO corresponding to the profits of the UN and its affiliated organizations for the contribution of the human will be used in full.


Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim is chairman of WRO(World Rehabilitation Organization) 16 years ago in the IT industry, computer networks linked to the primary peer system for C4I to theorize the world in the IT industry has ever released.


Conducted C4I Command, control, communication, Computer and the Information by incorporating the word, command control and communications systems will be.


If, WRO one theorized that in the C4I, if the world take advantage of exclusive patent, and today's "Google" a "Facebook" Create a question that did not exist.


"Facebook" who benefited from the human enterprise can be said. Therefore, WRO, and can contribute to humanity with the companies hope to.


WRO the government of Korea in conjunction with all the IT policy and youth entrepreneurship (venture), the draft policy, today the roots of Korea's IT technology, which powers have been based.


From around the world functionality, such as mobile phones are being used IT technology has reached its limits. In addition, cloning existing RFID technology based on a simple extension such as mobile phone handsets produced, depending on the company to grow indefinitely in cornering, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and large firms will fall at one point.


Scholars referred to the world of dreams and Technology, WRO source of technology, "fifth-generation(5GHz) GPS satellites, a combination of information and communication technology" would have changed the history of mankind. Satellite communications technology with an innovative IT infrastructure, "Human Genome Information System" by the realization of, who will open a new era of the universe is.


With respect to the opening of the space age, all over the world for peace and humanity, in the Asia-Pacific region in South Korea • U.S. space cooperation, mutual respect is required, WRO(World Rehabilitation Organization) by accepting the request of the U.S. government and dear President, Mr. Barack Obama, has given you a deep appreciation will you. In addition, South Korea who partner with the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and anyone would like to thank Dr. Jarokseu.


February 6, 2011.



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung Sun Kim

Chairman of WRO