The UN report, the North Korea Human Rights Act Submissions.



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) at the United Nations, "North Korea Human Rights Act" enacted have asked repeatedly to give.


World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) in a report submitted to the United Nations, the North China Jasmine revolution comparable to the democratic demands of the people (affected by natural calamities such as earthquake country out of control) due to the sudden regime collapse within 2014, and notice that, over the years has been publishing.


South Korea government, North Korea's border country, China, Russia, the Mongol in cooperation with the United States and the United Nations relating to the provisions of international refugee protection and the three countries (China, Russia, the Mongols), the co-development model that can be applied to countries, "World Peace human rights policy" is proposed, and North Korea's refugees will have to come up with measures to protect.


China, too, holding the regime collapses go, the impact of democratization in Korea, China, the explosion of the Jasmine Revolution will be anticipated.


As a result, China's economy will collapse and the global economy will cause trouble in the Great Depression.


Thank you very much.


February 22, 2012



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.