South Korea-U.S. FTA welcomes the entry into force.



World Free Zone Asia-Pacific, on the occasion of the opening period, South Korea-U.S. FTA with the hub implementation, to pursue 21st century Korea-US alliance and to strengthen the competitive global market opportunity has been realized.


World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) in Korea-U.S. FTA, March 15, 2012, fully fermented consensus committee members are greatly welcomed.


21st century-oriented Korea-US alliance as the foundation for "World Peace and Human Rights" oriented eager pursuit of human dignity, the infinite value for the global market, "practical attention capitalism (economic integration, capitalism)," hopes to organize a theory is.


South Korea-U.S. FTA to materialize, to contribute to humanity, which together with the world, the global era is hoping to start a new challenge.


Thank you very much.


February 23, 2012



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.