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Notice WRO 유엔 세계재활기구 한국 유치단 발족을 위한 천만명 설문조사 및 E-mail 발기인 참여 69 image
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Notice 2014 69th UN General Assembly imagefile
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Notice 유엔세계재활기구 산하 21개 조직_The 21 Organization under thr UNWRO imagefile
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Notice 한국유치준비위원회_Korean Attract Committee imagefile
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Notice [World Declaration of the Rights of Disabled] is based on the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization (UN WRO) 2014 69th UN General Assembly UN agencies image
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Notice 유엔세계재활기구(UNWRO)_“UNWRO-UN&ICG, 인류미래희망기금” 정의. 세계지구재난방재의 원-싸이클시스템과 관련._“유엔세계재활기구 경제사회이사회”, 스위스 제네바 본부에서 개최예정. The United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization (UNWRO)_"UNWRO-UN&ICG, Human Future, Hope Fund" definition. imagefile
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