UN World Rehabilitation Organization and 5-yar analysis of policy plan-5



(H) Testimonial support



1. Definition of 130dBm



(1) Frequency of GPS


Generally, the level of signals transmitted from the satellite above 20 thousands away is received into the GPS receiver with an electric power of -130dBm at a frequency of 1.5GHz.



(2) GPS system


Among the global positioning methods which are currently used, the method for estimating the position at the receiver might be classified into GPS and Loran-C, of which GPS is one of the most frequently used global positioning estimation method for positioning the location by using the satellite developed by the ministry of national defense. In addition, the Loran-C is a global positioning method generally used for a marine navigation, which is characterized in that the signal set by the base station of the ground transmits signals at time intervals. The GPS uses 24 artificial satellites of which three are sub satellite. They fly at 20000 km and travel along six orbits at an inclination angle of 55 degree and circulate around the earth at about 12 hours period. Even when the user is positioned at any position, it is possible to observe at least six satellites for thereby precisely positioning the user.


The GPS is a wireless navigation system of the world using the satellites developed by the ministry of national defense of the USA and provides a position and speed of the GPS satellite, so that the user can precisely compute the position, speed and time. The GPS was started in 1993 with a test trial, and was officially used since 1995. The satellite has the following characteristics.


- Carrier -130dBm


- Precise measurements of 3D position, altitude and time


- 24 hours consecutive service provision throughout the world


- Passive and non-limit use


- Use of common coordinate of the world: WGS-84 (World Geodetic System)



The GPS is a system for providing the position, speed and time measuring services by using the satellite and consists of three parts: satellite part, ground control part and user part.


The satellite part consists of 24 GPS satellites with each satellite keeping a precise time with the aid of two Cesium atom watches and Rubidium watches. Each satellite generates an inherent code called PRN (Pseudo Random Noise), so that the satellites can be recognized by the code. There are 24 satellites, and 21 operation satellites and 2 sub satellites, which all circulate with a circulation period of 12 hours.


The antenna of the satellite is a Herix array of which the highest gain is 15dB, and has an orbit eccentricity of 0.03 degrees in the right side, and the GPS satellite circulates along an elliptical orbit close to a circle whose eccentricity is less than 0.03 at the altitude of 20,183 km, and the orbit inclination angle is 55 degrees. Four satellites are allocated to each of six orbit surfaces distributed at regular intervals on the equator surface for thereby forming 24 satellites. The revolution period that the GPS satellite circulars one time around the earth is 11 hours and 58 minutes and circulates two times around the earth per day.


The GPS satellites are arranged to well receive the signals from at least five satellites. Each satellite transmits two L-band frequencies, namely, L1 (1,575.42MHz) and L2 (1,227.6MHz), and L1 carries P code (precise code) and C/A code (Coarse/Acquisition), and L2 carriesP code. The navigation data are duplicated on the above codes and are carried by mans of L1 and L2. The first transmission carrier is -130dBm.



(I) 8. Finance Support Plan


- Explanation of Finance support mechanism and potential


The UN WRO has prospected the destroy of the old Russia in 1987 and the world economy crisis started from the USA in the 21stcentury. It can be


considered that the crisis of the USA economy can be an expected crisis leading to the world economy crisis which might have occurred from the


errors in the conventional financial system.


It means that the operation of the world financial system which is a high level survival strategy value of the world economy related with the world financial systems of Great Britain and Australia shows inherent limits. Even though, the USA economy survives at this time, it is expected that another destroy of the US economy will come within 10 years, and the world might fall into a new world finance paradigm from along with the crisis from the USA.


Nowadays, the world financial rule system is a system to be connected with the conventional USA, Great Britain, Japan and Germany, but in pursuit of the future the conversion into the UN WRO-lead world economy financial rule system will happen along with a reorganization as an absolute partnership of the western countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Korea. In other words, the UN WRO will become a bridgehead which might correct the frame of the world economy of the future orientation of the USA.


It is needed that the world satellite information communication system should be first integrated along with the UN WRO for a new world economy rule of the nations throughout the world.


The big revolution of the world mobile, communication and portal should be performed from starting the installation of the Australia nation communication network system of the UN world rehabilitation organization (HQ).


The USA Qualcomm corporation and Korea’s Samsung corporation will not exist on the world after five years, and the UN WRO would lead the world mobile markets.


The mobile source technology of the satellite communication of the UN WRO lines in first obtaining a -+130dBm combined pulse modulation method communication technology of the future 5GHz (fifth generation) frequency bandwidth which might be the common virtue for the further generation of the mankind to explorer, and second obtaining a voice recognition RFID, body recognition RFID source technology built in the mobile in the 21st century revolution, which are all lead by Seagod telecom corporation of Korea.


The philosophy of Seagod corporation is based on Chart of World disabled person human right of the UN WRO and can be just one means for enhancing the quality of life of the dignity in all the fields such as mobile and communication and portal machine manufacture and the application program transaction while aiming at the attendance with respect to the welfare enhancement of the world isolated classes via the UN WRO and the future universe space exploration joint development with other nations with the aid of the technology of Seagod by the full opening and the technology sharing operations throughout the world.


Seagod telecomm corporation of Korea has proposed a use recommendation as the common frequency of the world via the UN WRO. The US government has agreed the proposal and announced the fifth generation (5GHz) frequency bandwidth and the absolute national biological frequency 130dBm as the center frequency of the national industry of the USA which are called the revolution of the information and communication field.



(J) 5-yar analysis of market plan



1. Major network


- GPS satellite position tracking for salvage and image communication combined multi-terminal system of fifth generation information mobile communication system


- IMO-LRIT information center operation system relating method and construction linking



2. Major network construction cooperation


- Fifth generation information satellite communication system combined satellite mobile communication mobile terminal system


- GICOMS and port operation system cooperation and construction linking




- Asia ship long distance position tracking (LRIT) information center operation system linking construction cooperation


- Emergency aid system with the aid of marine position tracking system (GPS + navigation + 119 automatic navigation measuring apparatus)


- Frequency bandwidth 130dBm frequency expansion modulation combined multiple function system of GPS terminal for salvage



3. Wireless satellite communication portfolio matrix



- Hosting of whole organizations in Korea of LRIT center of IMO


- World common use promotion of mobile communication and wireless satellite frequency bandwidth for salvage


- 5GHz frequency (Hz) bandwidth application of 130dBm pulse width for salvage in relation with 21st century broad band wireless network (SDR


software defined radio) and UWB (Ultra Wide Band) ultra broadband wireless communication system


- World common frequency bandwidth acquisition with respect to 5GHz frequency (Hz) bandwidth of 130dBm pulse width for salvage of fifth generation information satellite communication system


- Application by relating fifth generation wireless satellite mobile communication network throughout the world


- Establishment of LRIT of developing countries which uses the fund of ODA



4. Major applying range of wireless satellite communication system


- Main computer-GPS tracking linking system


- 5GHz broadband GPS system


- Broadband combined mobile phone system for emergency rescue


- MOS-voice recognition system


- Image map screen display system


- Wireless satellite receiving dBm division apparatus system


- RFID system for personal rescue



5. Performance index of international cooperation research



(1) International information exchange


- National image promotion via technology cooperation behavior matching with the expectation of international society with respect to Australia which is strong in marine and ship business


- International marine diplomacy strength promotion as a nation responsible as a permanent member of IMO A group


- A bridgehead formation with respect to other international cooperation businesses such as foreign resource acquisition based on the reliability formed with relating countries via help and cooperation



(2) International cooperation technology support


- International competiveness force of the industry in relation with fifth generation mobile satellite communication information system is enhanced by dynamically reflecting the stance of Australia and the source technology power in the course of international standard preparation and decision.



(3) Joint research project excavation


- Marine safety technology contribution matching with the level as a permanent member of IMO A group in sync with the expectation increase of the international society and Australia ODA expansion policy with respect to marine field development cooperation.



(4) Foreign cooperation basis operation


- In view of the long time plan, the marine science technology cooperation which contributes to the economy development level of the advanced country and the UN WRO welfare promotion by using the universal Australia government level ODA funds such as the wireless satellite communication cooperation business with the USA and the foreign economy cooperation funds (EDCF).



(5) International exchange cooperation


- Contribution to the foreign market promotion change of the marine safety industry and the ship traveling safety increase of the world ships.


- Market, partner, resource supply source, network acquisition, technology and equipment friendly cooperation increase of supplying nation and developing nation and profit increase for long term and nation’s brand value increase effect.



6. Analysis report of technology status



(1) In case of the USA – USA Qualcomm corporation


The USA Qualcomm corporation strengthens the development with respect to 5GHz frequency bandwidth, and Japan inputs 400 billion yen into the research and development in the dimension of the nation and adapts the 5GHz frequency bandwidth related with the artificial satellite system and the wireless combined system which is a satellite system as the major subjects of the research (According to the domestic press in 2008).



(2) Review analysis of detailed technology contents


The USA Qualcomm corporation has 2500 technical patents which are all related to the 1.5 generation technology such as the CDMA method of 800MHz of the mobile communication. As a result, the USA Qualcomm corporation, which does not have the frequency bandwidth by the 130dBm frequency pulse bandwidth which is the fifth generation satellite communication information system, and the frequency expansion modulation of 5GHz pulse width and other related technologies, offers 1 billion US dollars for the transfer of the technologies to Seagod telecomm corporation which has the exclusive technologies.



(3) Product life cycle


All the smart phone markets correspond to the CDMA method of mobile communication 800MHz of the USA Qualcomm corporation or the TDMA method of the EU, but the above methods cannot be used for the conversion into the fifth generation information communication system which is the key element of the advanced satellite science technology which uses the frequency expansion modulation of the 5GHz pulse width corresponding to the next generation nation-leading industry that a help of the new system of the satellite information and communication is necessarily needed.



(4) Solutions for problems


The USA Qualcomm telecomm corporation is trying to develop the 5GHz frequency bandwidth, and Japan adapts the 5GHz frequency bandwidth related with the satellite system and the wireless combined system which is a satellite system by investing 400 billion yen into the research and development as a nation basis (according to the report of the press in 2008).



7. (Market dimension in Korea (according to the report of the Korean press in 2008)


- World market dimension is 88 billion dollars per year (market dimension for marine salvage and life vest).


- Launching of mobile terminal sample products of fifth generation information satellite communication system combined satellite mobile communication.


- Korean cellular market share reaches about 4.5 trillion won (for civil leisure, fifth generation communication network adaptation mobile phone market dimension).


- The domestic mobile communication service providers (Samsung, LG, KTF, etc) uses the CDMA method of the mobile communication 800MHz bandwidth from the USA Qualcomm telecomm corporation and pays 5% per year as the royalties which reaches about 7 trillion won in 2008.


- As for the self-profits of the mobile phone terminals of three major companies, LG is 1.3 trillion won, and Samsung is 1.1 trillion won, which corresponds to 70% and 100% as compared to the purchase request from the USA Qualcomm telecomm corporation.



(K) Explanation of self-sufficiency arrangement in finance support


JSK (Mr. Kim Jung Sun) diamond model theory with respect to a foreign military sale (FMS) support of the national defense foreign project finance system (OPFs) and the JSK (Mr. Kim Jung Sun) diamond model theory and a proper national defense expenses determination factor. (According to Monthly military world of Korea, pp. 58~62 on June 6, 2008).