Dear President Barack Obama



Please accept my warmest congratulations on your election as the President of the United States of America.


I hope you remember the letter I recently sent you.


I am Kim Jung Sun, Chair of the World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO). Actually, I expected your victory based on the power of the least advantaged making up 5% of the population and recommended election policies for the disadvantaged and disabled population in my letter.

Do you remember the Center for Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology 20 years ago? Despite my young age, CRT Vice President J. David Webb included me as a technical advisor for CRT.


CRT back then studied rehabilitation science for the disabled; it was operated by VP J. David Webb, former US President Jimmy Carter, Democratic Party’s Senate Armed Services Chairman Sam Nunn, Georgia Governor Frank Harris, and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young with financial support from the Trust Bank Group. I elaborated on this matter in my last letter.


Historically, WRO traces its roots to the sublime spirit of love and peace shown by Mr. Webb to the afflicted and disadvantaged people of the world. Such historical background of WRO is also undeniably responsible for setting the stage for your appearance.


The twenty years that passed until the official birth of WRO as part of UN have revealed that the USand other UN Council member states took a long time overcoming the bias toward the disabled.


Protecting the rights of the disabled population of the world is not a responsibility that is expected to be shouldered by just one country.

Although it is a responsibility that should be rightfully shared by all countries, the United Nations Secretariat –by representing the position of most countries of the world -- failed to put in place executive policies for the disabled.


Such apparent inability to protect the disabled has brought about a dispute over the current UN entities’ continuation in this century. I am not certain whether the UN Secretariat is intentionally disregarding such issue or if it is simply unaware of it, but such is surely a frustrating reality.


As you know, the absence of executive policies implemented by the UN Secretariat has naturally caused the Federation for World Peace and Unification to try to establish another UN entity.


Esteemed President Barack Obama -- the Korean authorities and UN Secretariat Officers representing Koreahave shown a lack of understanding regarding the necessity of WRO and manifested a prejudiced position against it. Their lack of diplomatic power to coordinate sufficiently with the US government will go down in history as a serious flaw that hindered the global promotion of human rights and liberal democracy, the sublime cause pursued by the United States.


Furthermore, it will be remembered as an ironic attitude manifested on the part of the Korean government, which should have actively protected its unique sovereignty and presence in Northeast Asia of the 21stcentury, essential elements in pursuing a close relationship with


the US government.


I believe your policy toward the 21st century’s Pan-Pacific Era with the Korean peninsula as a geographical center will be a significant movement in world history, just as the unification of the two Germanys and disintegration of the former Soviet Union had been.


The movement toward the 21stcentury’s Pan-Pacific Era has been impeded by a lack of national crisis management policies in both the USA and Korea, a result of a wrong understanding of Korea as a geographical center on the part of the strategists of the USgovernment and blind reflection of such understanding by Korea on its government policy.


To be more specific, the US as a country has professed to be an advanced welfare state, yet the welfare policy pursued by the USgovernment has been a political slogan focused on Americans rather than in genuine pursuit of global welfare.


If the United States of America were to be a nation loved and admired by the whole world, and if it were to make its spirit of freedom come alive rather than remain a symbol through the Statue of Liberty, it should pursue and promote the welfare of all peoples in the world.

Global welfare is not an elusive dream. The wave of relief in the Korean peninsula is also for global welfare.


We earnestly hope WRO is accepted as a UN entity so that the world’s disadvantaged and disabled population will experience genuine humanity as well as the true value of life.


In this era of reconciliation, the people of the Korean peninsula expect a complete abandonment of the Cold War and an era of humanity, love, and peace.


Located at the center of the Oriental Cultural Region, the Korean peninsula holds the key to the success of humanity. Many view it as a stage of controversy, a state of Cold War, but this does not come from a correct understanding of such.


If we could just establish the UN headquarters of WRO in the DMZ of the Korean peninsula, such will prevent North Korea from initiating war; thus naturally protecting peace and brightening prospects of unification of North and South Koreas.


Sir, you can be the hero who reunited both Koreas by supporting WRO, just as Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of the reunification of the West and East Germanys.


We sincerely ask for your support for WRO in our advocacy to be part of UN, adhesion to the UN Charter, and promotion of welfare of the disabled people of the world so that we can share genuine love as well as the value of life with them.


Finally, allow me to wish you and your family a Happy New Year as well as continuing success in the coming year.



December 18, 2008


Attachment :


1. Letters to Pope Benedict XVI and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon: 1 copy each

2. Collection of documents proving that the Mexican government was not the country that appealed to the UN Secretariat and UN Council members for the establishment of WRO: 3 volumes

3. Collection of documents on the planned establishment of "UN City" in Korea: 1 volume




World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Kim Jung Sun/Chairman

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