Dear UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon



I learned through the local and international media that the disadvantaged and less fortunate countries of the world are receiving considerable support from the sovereigns of the UN Council member countries and personnel of the UN Secretariat. As such, I would like to express my deepest admiration for all of them.


Nonetheless, it is quite regrettable that the originators of national policy in many countries and national heads could have a much deeper interest in the disadvantaged and disabled citizens of the world.


As a result, for a long time now, efforts of UN and advanced countries including the USAto uphold social welfare and human rights for the disabled have seemed to have been all for show rather than out of genuine concern for their needs and humane love.


Today’s UN would have never existed without the devotion and painstaking efforts of the sovereigns of a small number of UN member countries and UN Secretariat officers.


Just as a mother goes through considerable pains to give birth to a child, WRO has struggled for over 20 years to uphold the welfare of the disadvantaged and disabled population and even instituted the "World Human Rights Charter for the Disabled."These efforts have borne fruit, with WRO finally acknowledged as a UN entity during the 61st UN General Assembly. For that, we are deeply grateful.


One regrettable incident that should be mentioned is how former Mexican President Vincent Fox mistakenly cited Mexico as the proposer of the World Rehabilitation Organization during the 56th UN General Assembly. As such, Korea made an official complaint on February 13, 2008to the UN Secretariat and UN Council members. The incident will be remembered for a long time as an unpleasant one.


Currently, WRO has several high-level policy programs in place to increase the dwindling UN funds and relief funds for the disadvantaged and disabled population of the world. With regard to such programs, Current Finnish President Tarja Halonen has proposed the establishment of the world rehabilitation lottery program to support the disabled.


We have been able to organize and implement a number of high-level policy programs only because we believed that if we were to qualify as an originator of WRO, we had to overcome the rivalry between democratic and socialistic ideologies as far as human rights for the disadvantaged and disabled were concerned to make the world pursue equality, peace, and freedom transcending national divisions.


Our current activities for securing financial sources and their results are described below.


First, as we announced earlier, we have completed the development of the "GPS-embedded life jacket for rescue work," which was certified by many national patent authorities and Lloyd’s Register of the UK for the first time. When we made our submission to the UN Secretariat and International Maritime Organization (IMO) on July 21, 2003, we proposed allotting 30% of the profits from the sale of the abovementioned life jacket to the UN and IMO funds.


Second, as indicated in our complaint included in our statement addressed to the UN Secretariat and UN Council members, which clarified that UN WRO originated in Korea, we shall provide the 198 UN members including the USAwith the 130dBm- and 5GHz frequency band and terminal for rescue as the 4th-generation world satellite communication terminal.


On the other hand, our activities to establish the headquarters of UN WRO in Koreaand their progress are described below.


First, we have submitted a plan for a 3,267-acre UN City of in the vicinity of the DMZ in Paju to Gyeonggi-do, Paju-si, and Korean government.


Second, we have submitted a construction plan for a 130-story UN WRO landmark building to Bucheon-si and prepared an MOU as a first step.


Finally, as the second step toward establishing the headquarters of UN WRO in Korea, we have decided to organize a commission for the establishment of the headquarters of UN WRO in Koreaas an organization under Bucheon-si to develop a more detailed construction plan for a 130-story UN WRO landmark building.


WRO sincerely hopes to be a full-fledged UN entity, with the UN WRO headquarters located in Korea. Furthermore, it is our genuine desire that UN WRO represent UN in establishing a systematic high-level program structure to support the disadvantaged and disabled people of the world; thus ultimately promoting world peace.


Lastly, allow me to wish you and your family a Happy New Year as well as continuing success in the coming year.


December 18, 2008


Attachment :


1. Collection of documents proving that the Mexican government was not the country that appealed to the UN Secretariat and UN Council members for the establishment of WRO: 3 volumes


2. Collection of documents on the planned establishment of "UN City" in Korea: 1 volume




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