New unified theory of the Korean Peninsula.(In 1996 by Kim Jung Sun)._Korean peninsula future. (4/4)






In the total conclusion of this article, in order to meet the unification procedure with respect to the peninsular unification, as a one of the globalization in Korea, the WRO propelled by the MB government is introduced to Korea, so it seems that the big industrial revolution can come throughout the advantageous nation industries behind the world human right nation.


The detailed examples with respect to the great industry revolution throughout the nation industries will be described.


While the WRO belonging to the UN is introduced to Korea, the influences which would affect the MB government will be described briefly. Namely, it is possible to create a new welfare economy nation based on the great change of nation economy infrastructure, the implementation of which will be as follows.


In order to cope with the unification of Koreas which is to come unexpectedly, as an initial stage of the great change of the nation economy infrastructure, the WRO suggested eighth stages execution plan for new welfare nation with respect to the world disabled person welfare and worldwide human right promotion and welfare economy implementation.


First stage: It is a demand which needs a revolutionary change of a human right promotion for worldwide disabled person and new thought with respect to welfare economy. WRO with respect to Mexico and South Korea are competing to attract a symbol of the UN WRO was preempted.


Second stage: It is needed to keep the UN disabled person human right agreement decided in the UN conference, and the UN organization of the World Rehabilitation Organization(WRO) is introduced to Korea, and the universal nationwide welfare project of the international protocol combined with the world economy created from the Rehabilitation Science(RS) industry should be developed.


Third stage: The 21st century science is an age of the advanced RS industry. So, it is needed to pursue a new welfare economy nation by suggesting the entire system revolution with respect to the conventional welfare policy so that the welfare economy can be implemented for a circulation of the growth and re-investment unless the organization and welfare of the ministry of health and welfare of the central government becomes a consumption concept of the simple distribution.


Furth stage: Robot, unmanned space explorer aircraft, deep sea submarine, computer, voice recognition device, video, etc. are resulted from all advanced Rehabilitation Science(RS) in Gunsan industry complex(nation device science) from silicon valley with respect to the section of Nation defense of the advanced countries such as the United States. In the advanced countries, the importance of the RS was first recognized as an important section, and through the growth of the Rehabilitation Science Technology(RST) , the nation defense science field as well as the welfare promotion for disabled person and the detailed policy for disabled person are prepared. Namely, it is possible to create the nation competiveness with a high added value by forming the silicon valley of the nation foundation industry related with the advanced space science and 4T{Information Technology(IT)+Biological Engineering Technology(BT)+Environment and Nano Technology(NT) produced from the agenda RS industry of the nation industry economy. In particular, it is needed to form the understanding and systematic structure concerning the FMS operation system connected with the international finance concerning the FMS support and a proper defense cost decision factor of the ORFs by connecting the international finance program related with the RS field to the structure and system of the business acquisition office of the nation defense field. The RD engineering department which is the advanced science industry was established in each university depending on the recommendation from the WRO based on the education policy of the United States.


Fifth stage: it is needed to develop the recognition level of nation to a welfare advanced nation by protecting the indignity of human being through a human right enhancement and a right protection of disabled person in the world and by providing an integrated function to the world peace and the welfare of people.


Sixth stage: it is necessary for the ministry of land, transport, and marine time affairs to predominate the IMO as the bridgehead for the ocean era after the unification of Koreas. As the UN WRO passed the proposal with respect to the introduction of the LRIT of the IMO, the MB government has become a permanent nation of the IMO in the first period of governing.


Seventh stage: the 21st century <by focusing on RS(Rehabilitation Sciences) industry for pioneering the future of space between Korea • U.S. manned exploration of Mars and the space between the securing> the G8 countries entering the global organization is a critical starting point. which can come together by occupying "5GHz wireless frequency bandwidth and ⼁±⼁130dBm which is an absolute level frequency for natural biology system:. The United States government announced the end of the mobile phone ear of 2.5G-3G CDMA-TDMA code division owned by Quallcomm corporation and decided to use WRC-03 to 5GHz bandwidth(5.150~5.350MHz, 5.470~5.725MHz for the wireless connection system including wireless LAN and finally announced to adapt ⼁±⼁130dBm, which is an absolute level for nature biology system, as the universal frequency of the United States industry. The WRO adapted 5GHz wireless frequency bandwidth which is called a 4GHz and 5GHz information communication revolution for the salvage through the RS industry and ±130dBm which is the absolute frequency for nature biology as it submitted the use recommendation to the UN secretary office and the permanent nations, which is the exclusive right of the universal frequency of Korea. Since the above frequency is essential to 4T{Information Technology(IT)+Biological Engineering Technology(BT)+Environment and Nano Technology(NT)and information system, the value of the same is limitless.


Eighth stage: if a war occurs in Korea, the existence of the UN organization of the WRO is very important as a first external defense system from a foreign force invasion, and it can be upgraded to the national agenda in connection with various international finance industries of 198 nations. In this case, the best strategy that Korea can choose is a knowledge based thought with respect to the nation management of the globalized world organization in which the world economy can be flexible as the Koreas' unification organization is globalized. Namely, the definition of the peninsular big revolution suggested in the new unification theory is needed, and the above elements should be built or reorganized as the nation industry nation defense welfare, unity economy infrastructures. <End>



October 1, 2012


World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun, Kim.

Chairman of WRO.