2013 United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization global policy.







Meanwhile, mentioned on welfare and economic globalization on the world economy, through concrete measures proposed.


World Disabled Welfare Policy and Economic welfare and the economy, and world economic globalization are associated.


World Disabled economy, human rights and world welfare through challenge core stability and future growth of the Pacific Rim's _


Is a revolutionary new consciousness of human rights and the world of World Disabled Disabled Welfare for a major shift for the future of humanity, is required under the circumstances.


International human rights of the underprivileged and the World Disabled and Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) the world that is generated from the industrial welfare economics of international agreements combined global welfare economics projects evolve.


First, 1 million jobs linked world economy and the welfare of people with disabilities Rehabilitation Science, Industrial Technology to the creation of an international future depends on it.


Science in the 21st century is the era of state-of-the-art "Rehabilitation Science and Industry" (RSI). Rehabilitation science to fulfillment of mankind on a global level, it must be oriented to the common good philosophy.


"Rehabilitation Science and Industry" (RSI) which is derived from the international agenda of the backbone of the nation's industrial economy is state-of-the-art space science and biotechnology 4T [information technology (IT) Biotechnology (BT) environment, and ultra-fine technology (NT)] such linked through global solidarity cooperation will continue to form around the world the national industry of Silicon Valley. As a result, the application of science and technology to the line of the co-oriented, high-value-added rehabilitation to creating a competitive economy for welfare.


Environment continue to pioneer the future of the Pacific era of the aerospace industry, as well as the rehabilitation science-intensive technology is.


Second, the infrastructure programs of the international financial system in order to operate the economic globalization in the world is absolute. In order to achieve this, "World Rehabilitation Bank" (WRB) will require you to have an established


"World Rehabilitation bank" (WRB) and a variety of 198 countries in conjunction with the global financial industry, the financial world welfare agenda, can be operated flexibly integrated world financial welfare economy in the world by upgrading the infrastructure to build.


Integration capabilities for world peace and the welfare of mankind, human dignity is protected, human rights and protect the rights and interests of people with disabilities on the world stage will continue to elaborate.


United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization (UN WRO) to attract through the Korean peninsula DMZ Unification SEZ legislation.


This means that UN urban composition.


The United Nations in the city, primarily the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) UN headquarters and the World Rehabilitation Sciences Research Complex (WRISK), and "World Rehabilitation Bank" (WRB) house.


Unified economic zone DMZ by the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization (UN WRO) to attract and stability on the Korean Peninsula as well as the future engine of growth in the Pacific Rim era, the world economy through the World Disabled Human Rights and World Welfare, Disabled in conjunction with the state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) is the national industry around the world to pursue will be activated.


January 22, 2013.



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung Sun Kim

Chairman of the WRO