UN World Rehabilitation Organization and 5-yar analysis of policy plan-2



II. Rehabilitation finance policy by nation


- Rehabilitation finance industry field by nation


- Rehabilitation lottery field by nation


- Life vest (rehabilitation assistant gear) field by nation



III. Social welfare policy by nation


- Welfare policy field by nation


- Welfare economy field by nation


- Social welfare law field by nation


- International cooperation and NGO activity field by nation


- Old people welfare field by nation


- Local government field by nation


- Employing system field by nation


- Job rehabilitation field by nation


- Olympic and social physics field by nation


- Facility improvement field by nation


- Education program field by nation


- Health and medical field by nation


- Social welfare concept field by nation


- Social behavior science field by nation


- Social support system field by nation


- Social community field by nation


- Korean peninsula unification and social welfare system


- Social welfare field by nation



I. Rehabilitation science policy


- Information communication technology field by nation


1. Disabled person information education status and improvement method by nation


2. Information access and use state of hearing impaired person by nation


3. Information communication technology use status and improvements of disabled person by nation


4. Information communication application and life applying method of disabled person by nation


5. Broadcast medium access and use of disabled person by nation


6. Survey and research on multi-media application state of blind personby nation- Computer program field


1. Developments of multimedia CAI system for cerebral palsy disabled person which orients an inter-operation on www.


2. Effects to recognition process ability of students having mental problems in applying software for recognition disabled person


3. CAI system developments for DOS education for cerebral palsy disabled person


4. Screen keyboard development for disabled person


5. Screen expansion program development for blind person


6. Screen keyboard design for disabled person


7. Website construction and interface technology developments for blind person


8. Application of computer technology for disabled person


9. Implementation of server and client for internet text broadcasting for audio impaired person


10. Information terminal based on web for blind person



11. Basic research for language rehabilitation program development for old person- Rehabilitation medical field


1. Comparison analysis of exercise load method for measuring cardio pulmonary function of spinal cord disabled person


2. Effects that smoking affects maximum oxygen breathing of spinal cord disabled person


3. Cardio pulmonary function comparison research of non-disabled person exercise muscle of disabled person and non-disabled person


5. Muscle strength of isokinetic of lower body of audio impaired person


6. Water pressure curing effects with respect to cerebral palsy disabled person


7. Cardio pulmonary function of exercise player of disabled person


8. Abnormal development of exoskeleton system by the type of disabled person


9. Complement curing of disabled person by using general anesthesia


10. Primary hip joint substitute operation of fracture of neck of femur of old person


11. Effects that exercise of old person affects the production of amyloid precusor protein related with Alzheimer’s disease type dementia


12. Body fat and body construction of disabled person- Artificial intelligence technology development field



1. Life environment control apparatus for paraplegia disabled person


2. Developments of clerk noise estimation model in consideration with the effects of obstacle


3. Vehicle wheel chair lift development for disabled person and old person


4. Development of multi-joint intelligence robot system having obstacle detouring function


5. Optimum path plan of robot manipulator in case that there is an obstacle.


6. Recycling artificial hand development for disabled person


7. Position positioning technology development by using bi-direction wireless call network of disabled person


8. Multiple function rehabilitation assistant system development for disabled person


9. Running technique of moving robot for rehabilitation assistance


10. Development of tactile driven hands for arm-amputated disabled person


11. Virtual reality driving simulator development for rehabilitation


12. Computer program development of facility information of disabled person


13. User interface for computer assistant alternate communication for disabled person


14. Special vehicle system development for self-driving disabled person


15. Function separation of arm exercise electro-myo signal by using self-returning model


16. Non-language transmission terminal design development


17. Change of audio impaired person rehabilitation engineering based on the development of digital hearing aid


18. Development of clothes for lower stomach for wheelchair-using disabled person


19. Status analysis for the development of clothes for disabled person


20. Sensor and actuator of reflection controller based on the development of clothes type for disabled person


21. Text transmission terminal for blind person



- Meaning of rehabilitation science by nation


1. Concept building and new recognition of rehabilitation science by nation


2. Role of rehabilitation engineering history by nation (focused on the USA)


3. Reality and improvements of rehabilitation engineering by nation


4. History and development plan of rehabilitation engineering industry by nation



- Voice recognition code field


1. Stimulus pattern extract of voice signal for audio impaired person


2. Telephone use for audio impaired person


3. Implementation of voice recognition system for disabled person


4. Voice processing system for computer application of blind person


5. Mouth shape recognition method of disabled person for generating commands of rehabilitation assisting device


6. Effects that affect word difference of audio impaired person


7. Visual display apparatus development of audio language for audio impaired person


8. Acoustic characteristics of voices of normal person and audio impaired person



- Architecture design field by nation


1. Research on architecture for disabled person by nation


2. Wheel chair design improvement for disabled person by nation


3. Public architecture facility standards for disabled person by nation


4. Housing design for blind person by nation



- Artificial satellite field


1. Water quality factor monitoring of Hwajinpo lack with the aid of artificial satellite Landsat TM image


2. Strength analysis of tank wall surface based on the change of design parameter of artificial satellite propelling agent tank


3. Radiation compensation for geographical effect down in an artificial satellite radar (SAR) image material


4. New battery charging/discharging unit for artificial satellite RPPT system


5. Extraction method of Matsucoccus matsumurae damage region by using artificial satellite image data


6. Heat control characteristic of artificial satellite heat control system by using TEC


7. Eye measurement of artificial satellite for geographical education


8. Error interpretation with respect to posture decision system of three-axis stabilization artificial satellite


9. Change in earth magnetic orbit surface by means solar wind


10. Development and research of database on error of artificial satellite


11. Orbit adjustment of artificial satellite by using non-linear control technique


12. Artificial satellite image data compression by using region classification and inter-band quantization


13. Research on optimum posture and angular determination method of artificial satellite via eyeing vector measurement


14. Artificial satellite orbit measurement


15. International law regulation of far distance exploration by means of artificial satellite


16. Region classification of artificial satellite light split image data by using spatial information of partitioning method


17. Implementation of wireless call network by using artificial satellite


18. Manufacture of artificial satellite-mounted triplex or by using symmetrical window structure


19. High performance amplifier for artificial satellite repeater in Ku-band


20. Low noise amplifier for artificial satellite repeater


21. Ku-band dielectric resonator bandwidth passage filter for artificial satellite repeater


22. Local oscillator for artificial satellite repeater


23. Dual mode guide tube filter design and manufacture for artificial satellite repeater


24. Operation of satellite navigation system (CNS/ATM)


25. Posture control of multiplex body artificial satellite


26. Region classification of artificial satellite light split image data by using adaptive vector quantization


27. High performance amplifier for artificial satellite repeater


28. Sliding research on artificial satellite having limited orbit inclination angle


29. International law-based research on remote exploration by using artificial satellite


30. Korean peninsula passage time of multiple purpose practical satellite by using artificial satellite image process


31. Compensation S/W development of artificial satellite tracking material based on earth standby and optical time effect


32. Compression of artificial satellite multiple light split image data by using inter-band estimation and region classification vector quantization


33. Disrupt flow field of propelling agent for artificial satellite posture control and disrupt flow field


34. Region classification of artificial satellite image data by using histogram equivalent conversion and two-stage classification method


35. Region classification of artificial satellite image data by using DCT


36. Implementation of wireless call exclusive network by using artificial satellite


37. Artificial satellite posture control by using internal mass and momentum wheel


38. Digital artificial satellite power meter system by using charge control


39. Vegetation classification accuracy enhancement technique of artificial satellite image material


40. Non-linear estimation technique for orbit determination of artificial satellite


41. Mathematical modeling and posture control of artificial satellite having smooth structure


42. Posture control of smooth artificial satellite system having non-linearity


43. Extraction of geographical level by using artificial satellite image data



- Aircraft technology field


1. Design and manufacture on running guide unit and moving robot for self-running


2. Efficient Newton/Raphson repeating computation technique by using neuron circuit network


3. Aerodynamic characteristic of lift and drag force device by using aerodynamic panel


4. Flying dynamic characteristic research for spiral circulation emergency state


5. Recovery characteristic and control performance enhancement of spiral dive flying phenomenon


6. Experimental research on aerodynamic characteristic of Kamov type unmanned helicopter body


7. Mechanical design based on the work of robot manipulator


8. Lifting performance improvement of radar simulator for aircraft lifting performance measurement


9. Aircraft moving path tracking system construction by using radar information automatic evaporation apparatus


10. Numeric interpretation of impact absorber internal flow for aircraft landing apparatus


11. Copper characteristic interpretation and response interpretation technique research of aircraft landing apparatus having abnormal random




12. Speed measurement apparatus of aircraft by using wind meter


13. Repair education training system implementation of aircraft driving force transfer system by using computer


14. Aircraft reminding pattern recognizer by using neuron circuit network and log-polar sampling


15. 3D aircraft recognition and rotation angle by using neuron circuit network


16. Aircraft operation management system construction by using micro computer


17. Aircraft automatic landing system


18. Adaptation of discrete probability optimum control system for automatic adjusting apparatus design of aircraft



- Rocket field


1. Necessary technology research for rocket development for science research


2. High altitude exploration rocket basic technology research


3. Liquid-based propelling of vertical launching two-stage sounding rocket


4. Science rocket mounted material and application research


5. Down wash and effects on ground of circulation wing which affects the flying orbit of a rocket