UN World Rehabilitation Organization and 5-yar analysis of policy plan-4



(F) Outline WRO operations and objectives with additional and new services



- Inter-premise by cooperation with world class companies of UN World Rehabilitation Organization


1. The present agreement is prepared to fully agree to the objectives of the business based on a sacrifice spirit for the love of mankind which is required in Chart of World disabled person human right for the isolated class person throughout the world and the human right promotion (rehabilitation curing) of the world disabled persons and the world peace which are the goal of the UN WRO.


2. The UN WRO plans to use the UN WRO trademark in the products of the USA DEVNANI (for example) for one year. The USA DEVNANI company pays 3% of the price of one product to the UN WRO. The price based on the above computation method is previously paid for 100 million pieces of the products. When the USA DEVNANI company requests, the above agreement is automatically extended per year.


3. In this agreement, all the funds raised by means of the product program operated by the USA DEVINANI company are used for the isolated person classes throughout the world and the world disabled person. The funds are to be first used for the world valvular heart disease patients throughout the world for free curing.


The present program is entitled as SUN valvular heart disease fund. The designated hospital of the UN WRO with respect to the support of the fund is limited to the exclusive hospital of the valvular hear disease throughout the world.



(G) Next generation mobile communication prospect of 5GHz frequency


Summary of Australia national communication network system installation


Kim, Jung-sun, the permanent chairman of the UN WRO, said, "The UN WRO leads the world mobile market".


Big revolution in world mobile communication portal


Non-existence of USA Qualcomm company and Korea Samsung after 5 years


Korea’s Seaguard telecom corporation, mobile source technology



- -+130dBm combined pulse modulation method communication technology of future 5GHz (fifth generation) is obtained.


- 21st century revolution, voice recognition RFID built in mobile and biometrics RFID source technology are obtained.

The philosophy of Seagod telecomm corporation is based on Chart of world disabled person human right of the UN WRO. The Seaguard telecomm corporation aims at promoting the welfare of the isolated persons throughout the world and attending the world nations and future universe space exploration joint development with the aid of the UN WRO along with the full opening to the world nations and sharing the technology which is just a means for promoting the quality of life in all fields such as mobile, communication and portal machine manufacture and application programs transaction.


The Korea’s Seagod telecomm corporation has already proposed a use recommendation with a world common frequency through the UN WRO. The USA government has agreed the recommendation and has announced that the fifth generation (5GHz) frequency bandwidth and the natural biological frequency of 130dBm as the center frequency of the nation industry.



- Limit of Korea’s combined corporation groups(110 telecommunication corporations such as Google corporation) including Samsung against Apple corporation


The Korea’s communication corporations are just at the level of serving smart phones which are imported from foreign countries, and the portal corporations are just at the level of serving the services to the smart phones.

Korea’s Samsung corporation, which ranks second in the world as a terminal manufacturer, does not proceed 5% of market shares in the world market.


Samsung pays a big royalty to Qualcomm corporation and imports the terminals based on OEM and sales to foreign countries.


The above operations might bring a big crisis in Korean mobile IT market including the USA.


A new market for the universe exploration by determining the worldwide mobile, communication and portal industry as a frontier out post that mankind should pursue in the future does not have much hope since the world policies such as cellular phone, communication and portal are limited to a few big companies such as the USA Qualcomm corporation and Samsung corporation along with closed corporation environment.

Namely, there does not exist a functional system for coping with the open world market toward the universe.



- The biological system (environment) is not properly built in the USA and Korea for developing the software.


As Apple corporation discloses Tablet PC iPad following iPhjone, a market share frontier line is clearly shown Apple vs. the group consisting of Samsung electronics, Google and mobile communication corporation, which means that various business models appear with the aid of a combination with information and business corporations and hetero-industries.


It can be expected that a CIT (convergence revolution via IT) which causes a convergence, a communication and collaboration will appear as the center of new IT business. Almost the Korean corporations emphasize an echo system construction via collaboration as one method for overcoming the above crisis while establishing a joint corporation with world class corporations such as Samsung and Intel corporations and announcing the wibro (mobile internet) services which is the next generation wireless internet services.


Feeling that it is hard to compete Apple corporation, Korea’s Samsung corporation makes alliance with Google and mobile communication corporation in a form of group or merger in order to make a big wired and wireless integration network such as wired network, mobile communication network, WIFI wireless LAN and wibro.


Comparing the applications of the Samsung alliances with the applications ofApple, the number of the applications of Apple is 225 thousands, and the number of Samsung application is very small, and Google corporation has about 570 thousands, and SK telecomm has about 40 thousands. Even Samsung is allied with 110 mobile service corporations, it is impossible to compete with Apple. Nevertheless, Samsung electronics plans to manufacture and sale progressively and expects that 250 million units of cellular phones will be sold which is 15% up as compared to the last year.



- Limit of US Qualcomm and Korea’s information communication technology, and wifi which has less attention in the past is reborn


KT of Korea is proud of telling as a keyword of future revolution that a technology combined with an advanced information terminal and a wireless internet is a mobile revolution like in smart phone through a merge with KTF. The so-called mobile revolution by KT is just a reborn wifi which has less attention in the past as one means for obtaining the maximum synergy effect of the merge of KT and KTF.


KT asserts in order to obtain the maximum effect of a merge of KT and KTF that wibro (mobile wireless internet) and wifi (LAN) integration network construction is obtained whereas wibro is a mobile type, and wifi is kind of a fixed service that wireless internet can be used within a few tens of meter of radius.


In view of KT, it is possible to assert that a cheat wife service can be activated as a ring connecting the wired network and the wireless network in a smart phone ear which wifi network has been previously installed throughout the nation while saying that wifi networks will be installed intensively even at a public transportation means such as subway, bus and taxi including the downtown of major cities, which seems to be a small-minded plan.


The reality of the mobile businesses of many nations including Australia, Korea, etc. without having a self-source technology corresponds to a strategy which might bring a dark future just by saying a joint frontier with respect to the objectives to become strong corporations with the aid of cooperation in the mobile market.



- The new generation growth engine business is a satellite mobile business related with a universe business.


The information technology (IT) implemented by using the satellite mobile communication network of the -+130dMb combined pulse modulation method of 5GHz (fifth generation) frequency bandwidth developed by Seagod corporation of Korea can allow people to freely communicate who uses a satellite mobile service via smart (communication + solution) and wifi which are melted into every industry.


Meantime, it shows that a good quality communication is obtained without installing terminal repeaters as compared to the mobile system of 800MHz CDMA and GSMA method developed by the USA Qualcomm Corporation. The capacity of the internal wifi network is formed of protocols of many application functions within 1GHz, but when being converted into a large capacity of 5GHz, it is possible to communicate with people throughout the world by means of a satellite communication method since there is not a smart phone function which has been depended on the expensive wifi region because a conventional method is formed of wired and wireless network infrastructure.



- -+ 130dBm combined pulse modulation method of future 5GHz (fifth generation) frequency bandwidth


When the communication technology is delayed, there are not universe industry and satellite mobile applications and the USA and Korea. The CEOs attended MWC 2010 held in Barcelona in Spain for four days speculated that the industry flow might be restructured about the mobile business.


The CEO of Google Eric Shumit said, "The key business of Google will become a mobile business," and the CEO of Hans Bestberry Ericsion said, " 50 billion devices will be connected via a network until 2010, and 3 billion users will subscribe the mobile network services within 5 years."


At the first stage, it is known that Google did not have a mobile technology.


The combination of Nokia and Intel which are the strongest leaders in the mobile and the PC market is for the first time, while igniting a global mobile war of Google and Apple which are non-mobile corporations.


The mobile technologies of Google and Apple means a functional combination of the devices with respect to the protocol of a number of application functions within 1GHz of the capacity of the wifi network.


For example, it means a combination of the functional protocol with respect to various services of the software portion (mobile web) except for an infrastructure basic structure of the mobile of 2.5 generation 800MHz frequency bandwidth CDMA and SGMA which are the products of the USA Qualcomm company.


The present program is directed to a mobile infrastructure basic frame using a satellite mobile communication network of -+ 130dBm combined pulse modulation method of 5GHz (fifth generation) developed by Seagod corporation of Korea and means a satellite mobile system which aims as a further satellite industry era and is adapted to a satellite mobile via smart (communication + solution) and wifi which are applied to every industry.



- The UN WRO is a birth helper of cellular phone, communication and portal technology policy of the future of whole worlds


Galileo project is a satellite navigation system construction plan exclusively proceeded by EU in response to the USA GPS on September 2006and is about a joint exploration for market along with the attending nations of EU and multiple nations in the field of the satellite navigation system.


It is expected that the satellite mobile technology will become a silk road for entering a big communication, portal, mobile and contents market of the world in the field of construction of the satellite navigation system of Galileo project with the aid of smart (communication + solution) and wifi which are applied to every industry by using the satellite mobile communication network of -+ 130dBm combined pulse modulation method of 5Ghz (fifth generation) frequency bandwidth developed by Seaguard corporation of Korea.



- Voice recognition RFID and body recognition RFID source technology applied to 21st revolution ary mobile is obtained.


Seagod telecomm corporation of Korea has proposed a use recommendation as the common frequency of the world via the UN WRO. The US government has agreed the proposal and announced the fifth generation (5GHz) frequency bandwidth and the absolute national biological frequency 130dBm as the center frequency of the national industry of the USA which are called the revolution of the information and communication field.


Japan is developing the fifth generation (5GHz) frequency bandwidth and its mobile IT solution which are an engine of the future generation by inputting 40 billion yen based on a national policy.


The voice communication function cannot be implemented by iPad developed by Apple. The model that the 3G network connection is available can only receive and transmit data. In order to allow iPad to have a voice communication function, an additional internet telephone solution should be installed in iPad like PC.


Seagod corporation of Korea has previously occupied a source technology on the frequency bandwidth with respect to a mobile phone satellite communication which will be used in the next generation by the whole worlds and the voice recognition RFID which will be used for converting Morse codes into voice signals and has obtained the international patents on the biological body recognition RFID of a caller (opponent).



- World mobile revolution, Korea and USA universe spacejoint cooperation technology plan


Seagod corporation of Korea is discussing a technology cooperation plan with respect to the satellite information communication of the mobile phones between the UN nations along with the enhancement of a close cooperation between Korea and the USA on the matters of enhancing the national competiveness of Korea via the UN WRO. Upon finishing the discussion, a restriction and measures will be prepared with respect to the mobile phones of the satellite communication wireless method which will be used in the next generation in many nations.


The restriction will be conducted against the huge communication, portal, mobile and contents markets which are using the satellite mobile technology via smart (communication + solution) and wifi which are applied to every industry along with the information technology (IT) by using the satellite mobile communication network of the -+130dBm combined pulse modulation method of 5GHz (fifth generation) frequency bandwidth developed by Seagod corporation of Korea.


Polaris technology such as E-mail which is an internet connection program and documentation tool etc. is being applied to 25 million cellular phones made by small and medium sized enterprises throughout the world. In addition, according to the survey of G-wire which is the USA internet enterprise, the wireless LAN regions are about 12800 which account for 0.44% of 2,922,800 in 144 nations throughout the world. The first restriction corporations will be mobile IT solution corporations except for Apple and Google.


All the funds raised by Seagod corporation of Korea throughout the world will be returned to the isolated people of the world via the UN WRO.

The profit from the nations will be used for hosting the WRO in Korea as indicated on Chart of world disabled person human right of the UN WRO, and will be used for enhancing the welfare of the isolated persons of each nation and the disabled persons of the world via the UN and the UN WRO.


The geographical situation of Korean peninsula might require a quick economical preparation with respect to the unification expense of Korean peninsula for an opening of new era of pacific rim about the 21st century Korean peninsula along with a non-blood absorption unification


following the disruption of North Korea’s system engaged with a worldwide disaster due to a natural disaster such as a volcano disruption which


might lead from a core portion of the Korean strait.


Seaguard corporation of Korea will donate all the funds raised from Korea to the UN WRO as a preparation deposit in order to prevent the worldwide disaster with respect to the natural disaster which might occur at the time of meeting pacific rim era about the Korean peninsula.