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2011 Davos Forum keyword


World Economic Forum on the theme of China. Wal-Mart yesterday and today's business world, distributors


1. Wal-Mart's China retail dinosaurs

2. Wal-Mart in China Bond System (

3. The role of China's National Development and Reform Commission




Wal-Mart's presence in China, such as Tiananmen Square in China from a hungry vendor will trigger a national uprising. Soon the Chinese economy, which precipitated the trust body to get the game may be triggered off.


Wal-Mart in China, the line is filled with ideas to transform into dinosaurs, and knowledge distribution, but lies outside of the contract manufacturing, distribution and consumption began to destroy the order. This is the real Chinese economy.


1 cent life hanging in the hundreds of awful merchant stores in China to extend the growing degree of mutual trust, justice and began to decay rapidly. Wal-Mart's Chinese suppliers of fraud all over the world are they report considerable damage.


China's economy to the health of the Chinese government could seek to exit from China to Wal-Mart's suppliers by the World Economic Forum Let's pep. This information will be publicized in the media world.