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Ⅱ. History of the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization. (August 18, 2010.) (8/12)



Ⅱ-1. Dear Honor Presidents from the permanent members and the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and the G20 advanced countries.




1. Common history of mankind.

The slogan - "new nation, new century and new freedom" - suggested by the USA represents a significant turning point reached by the USA and G20 countries. It reflects mankind’s common history and responsibility of "welfare policies for world peace and human rights" with respect to isolated and neighboring countries. The achievement of such a legacy will distinguish all involved nations as exceptional leading countries throughout the future history of the world.




2. The changes to UN roles for the future era.

Former UN Secretary General Mr. Koffi Annan introduced recommendations and an agenda to enhance security and human rights. His recommendations were characterized by (i) Freedom from Want; (ii) Freedom from Fear; (iii) Freedom to Live in Dignity; and, (iv) Enhancement of the UN.



It is understandable that as a UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan might have been limited in his expression of such recommendations, particularly considering the diversified international and political structures of the world. It is with regret however that a paragraph concerning the establishment of the "UN World Rehabilitation Organization" has been overlooked as it would fundamentally assist the "Peace and freedom of mankind and a hope for human rights with respect to isolated neighbors" in a manner that is more actual and practicable than the ambiguous concepts within the recommendations and enhancement contents of the UN organization.



Following the UN secretary general of Mr. Koffi A. Annan, it is desirable to elect the UN secretary general which is supposed to have a plan for creating "Peace and freedom of mankind and a hope for isolated people that the UN organization pursues without considering the continental option program based on the international politics mechanism for the bright future of the UN organization.



In this point, we, the WRO (World Rehabilitation Organization) and worldwide people, recommend Georage B. Kerford Ph. D. as the next UN secretary general since he can easily overcome the problems facing the UN organizations including the issues of the Korean peninsula and manage the world for the endless prosperity and peace throughout the world.




3. Common interests in depleted UN funds.

Currently it is important to consider that there is no measure for obtaining financial support through a stable system. As financial support is not provided to isolated countries as well as neighboring countries, and since it is operated purely on the financial support of a limited number of power countries, the UN might be seen to be subservient to the turbulent international political environment of these invisible power countries. This arguably damages the inherent spirit of the UN and undercuts the UN’s presence.



It is in this environment that the UN World Rehabilitation Organization has become a strong UN subordinate organization thanks to the robust interest from countries worldwide. The messages underpinning the UN World Rehabilitation Organization can surely help create much positive goodwill and thereby emphasize globally the dignity of mankind with respect to the essence of life.



It is therefore necessary to create a future-oriented financial program as a top priority for the future healthy operation of UN organizations. The World Rehabilitation Organization has continued to suggest to UN countries the need for high level policies which can be programmed to make UN funds based on a self-operation system.



As the World Rehabilitation Organization has disclosed in the charter of World Disabled Person Human Rights Announcement, the high level policies created by intensive study and related rehabilitation science technology do not belong to one country, but rather are developed for peace and prosperity throughout the world.



The various high level policies and science technologies suggested to many countries by the World Rehabilitation Organization are not subject to the alternation and application of profits for only a few limited countries. The above suggestions are made with the hope that the World Rehabilitation Organization would be organized under the UN organization systems, and would be hosted in Korea for the use of all people throughout the world.




4. Sharing of rehabilitation science technology and UN funds.

Firstly, the World Rehabilitation Organization has brought an IT world revolution by suggesting a C4I (command, control, communication, computer, information) theory with the help of a computer network connecting an aerial surveillance and a monitoring system by using a computer in 1997 which is updated from a C3I (command, control, communication, information) theory first suggested in the USA in the field of the world IT field.



Secondly, it is needed to escape from a simple cycle that returns to the world of the universe after men died after living on the earth for the future of mankind. The structure that can implement the reality of the fiction science being used in the universe science movie should be prepared along with the rehabilitation science in our era.



For mankind’s bright future, the UN should be separate from religion and each individual’s spiritual ideology. It should also be distinct from the bipartisan ideology of democracy and socialism. It is needed to approach a source prevention measure theoretically or practically with respect to an earth disaster for an earth environmental element residing in a concept form called universe rule in view of anthropology with respect to pure mankind dignity, which has been made because it is time to discuss on a measure with respect to the positions of changing stars which might be absorbed at one time like a black hole including the disaster like nuclear bomb explosion as world people come and gather.



In the past years, the World Rehabilitation Organization has disclosed the presence of another solar system in the universe and has announced that various big environmental earth disasters might happen by means of the mantle operation of the earth from the beginning of 21st century.



Therefore, the UN should intensively develop the universe space by reorganizing all systems about the rehabilitation science of each country along with the USA as a key country in preparation to the destroy of the earth which might come like the block hole without depending on the protocol of weather cooperation.



With this goal in mind, the World Rehabilitation Organization has provided a proposal to the IMO regarding the Galileo project, which might help determine the future of the man-made satellite era.



Thirdly, the World Rehabilitation Organization has created a certain revolutionary model by obtaining patents throughout the world regarding the future information and communication system such as a satellite mobile IT business.



There is the potential to cooperate with Apple Company, which has an internally combined operation system with the help of about 200 thousands protocols, by adapting the external expansion system (expansion conversion from 800MHz frequency bandwidth of CDMA by the US Qualcomm company into 5GHz frequency bandwidth) of the World Rehabilitation Organization.



The World Rehabilitation Organization deeply appreciates the Austrian and Russian governments’ approval of the international patents. The World Rehabilitation Organization deeply appreciate that in future information and communication systems - such as a satellite mobile IT business in the US government - the central frequency bandwidth of the US will be changed to the 5GHz frequency bandwidth and the (+ and -)130dBm combined pulse modulation bandwidth which corresponds to the natural ecological system. With respect to the licenses of the above technology the World Rehabilitation Organization would return all possible benefits to the world back through the UN World Rehabilitation Organization. Indeed, the necessity of such technology belongs to the future of mankind, and does not belong to one individual.



The royalties made in the course of the above cooperation will be returned for the purposes of isolated peoples, welfare programs for disabled persons and life engineering research for the world’s populations. This would be undertaken through the World Rehabilitation Funds of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization after future discussion with related and interested countries.



Fourthly, the World Rehabilitation Organization manufactures a life vest with a GPS system for salvage. This is the first of its kind in the world and is a result of long term research alongside Seagod international corporation. The successful development by the World Rehabilitation Organization of this life vest with a GPS system for salvage was recognized by the IMO on December 17, 2004. It was originally designed for obtaining a financial fund for UNICEF, WRO, IMO and ITF and has obtained a product authentication from Lloyds of Great Britain.



The World Rehabilitation Organization hopes that the production of its life vest with a GPS system for salvage is sold to the 5 million members of 621 labor unions of 137 countries that belong to the ITF in the IMO-authorized ITF international conference that was held last August 2009.



When the life vest with a GPS system for salvage manufactured by the World Rehabilitation Organization is sold to the member companies and members of the labor unions belonging to 198 countries which are the members of the ITF and IMO, it is expected that depleting finance problems can be overcome.



30% of the profits of the products will be used for the financial supports of the UN related organizations of the above organizations. In addition, when the member countries request manufacturing in their countries, all related technologies will be provided. The quality control with respect to all technologies and financial management will be controlled by the subordinate organizations of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization to be established in cooperation with the ITF and IMO organizations.




5. Thanks to world leaders.

We deeply appreciate and thank Mr. George Byron Kerford WAPD Chairman of the US, as well as senators [Mr. Patty Murray, Mrs. Mary L. Landrieu, Mr. Frank H. Murkowski, Mrs. Olympia Snowe, Mr. Orrin G. Hatch, Mr. Russxll D. Feingold, Mr. Herb Kohl, Mr. Jeff Sessions, Mr. Harry Read, Mr. Robert C. Byrd, Mr. Daniel K. Akaka, Mr. Joseph R. Biden. Jr, Mr. John Edwards, Madame. Barbara A. Mikulski, Mr. Paul S. Sarbanes, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Strom Thurmond, Mr. Joe Lieberman, Mr. Sam Brownback], state governors [Mr. Gary Locke, Mr. James S. Gilmore, cabinet member Mr. Colin Powell, and ambassador Mr. Donald P. Gregg, who have all demonstrated great interest and attention in ensuring that isolated countries and disabled persons can live better together for spreading the dignity and freedom of human rights in the future. The World Rehabilitation Organization hopes to be established in Korea and become a UN subordinate organization similar to the WHO with the help of the above key persons.



In particular, the World Rehabilitation Organization deeply appreciates Dr. Jeanine Blanchard of the special education committee of the US government who has provided much effort for establishing an academic curriculum with respect to the rehabilitation science field and UN welfare policy (macro welfare economy and industrial technology policy based on rehabilitation science technology) of the World Rehabilitation Organization in national universities in the US.



In addition, the World Rehabilitation Organization deeply appreciates Mr. Bush, former president of the US, who helped elect the secretary general of the UN from a Far East country (Korea), as well as 56 current and former law makers and Mr. Kelly King, Mr. Robert Jaeger, Mr. Steven James Tingus, M.s, C.Phil. Director of NIDRR(National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research), Chairman of Interagency Committee on Disability Research Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. department of Education from the special education committee of the US government.




6. Designation of hosting of UN World Rehabilitation Organization.

The World Rehabilitation Organization deeply appreciates ambassador Mr. Donald P. Gregg, an excellent politician who has pointed out the limit of Korea’s spirit with respect to the establishment of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization. He has provided a longer term insight with respect to the trend of world international history.



In Korea, as a result of the World Rehabilitation Organization supporting and advocating UN welfare policy for over 20 years, the application of such policies during election campaigns has positively influenced the mind of public officers so that many developments have been made in the fields of old age welfare, disabled person policy and biotechnology.



As noted earlier, the World Rehabilitation Organization does not belong to one country but to the world. The World Rehabilitation Organization must thus be subject to the UN organization in the future. The Australian government has a very deep interest in the World Rehabilitation Organization, considering it a common history of mankind.



Many countries feel unstable on the future direction of the Mexican government due to its relative instability. Even if the UN World Rehabilitation Organization and the World Disabled Person Human Rights Declaration were to be hosted in Mexico with the help of Mexican NGOs, it is impossible to guarantee the success for world human rights. It is therefore believed that the potential hosting by the Mexican government is not preferred in view of the future of mankind.



It is hoped that the Australian government hosts the World Rehabilitation Organization if the UN deems that hosting of the World Rehabilitation Organization should not be in Korea.