United Nations funds and IMO fundraising plan. _IMO Opinion, confirmed by the review request.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) international sailing vessel location tracking (LRIT) of Korea to attract proposals, disaster rescue SEAgod Life-Jacket developing world, according to the completion of market supply, and the fifth-generation mobile communications system of satellite communication mobile phone world Commonization in a progress report.




7. The Mexican government for the understanding of mankind's contribution to the world. (9/12)

The World Rehabilitation Organization has a 20 year history and was born from the love and goodwill of mankind as suggested by Mr. David Wave Thrust, the chairman of the group.



In the course of the reorganization to the UN World Rehabilitation Organization which will be subordinated to official UN organizations with the help of others, including the G20, APEC, ASEM and international conferences by world leaders including President Obama of the USA, it is with respect that more interest is sought in hosting the World Rehabilitation Organization in Korea or Australia. This interest is particularly founded on the fact that the necessity of the World Rehabilitation Organization for the enhancement of the welfare policy with respect to the isolated classes and disabled persons throughout the world was proposed not by Mexico but by Korea.




8. Appropriateness of Korea hosting of UN World Rehabilitation Organization.

When the UN World Rehabilitation Organization is hosted in Korea, it is possible to expect the possible Korean War which might lead to a third world war within 4 years in view of the geographical situations of the world.



The inherent Chinese market economy structure might be a lead of the separations of China with the help of the trends and necessity of the future international politic history as well as the unification of two Koreas and the world bubble economy situation. The market economy structure that four super powers (USA, China, Japan and Russia) struggle for survival around the Korean peninsula will be the foundation of the east-north market economy which is similar with the Euro market unification. As a result, in the Korean peninsula, the market penetration by means of the flagship role of the UN organization will be the foundation of the acquisition of the UN finance via the UN World Rehabilitation Organization.



Therefore the inherited spirit of the UN to protect the peace and freedom of the world people can allow the flower of the world market economy to bloom in the Korean peninsula. When the UN World Rehabilitation Organization, which stands for the peace and freedom of the UN organizations, becomes a key foundation for international human rights and the international distribution activity in the Korean peninsula, it can be expected that its presence might be another historic UN creation.




9. The announcement on the hosting country of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization to be postponed in the UN General Assembly of 2010.

It has been approximately 20 years since the UN World Rehabilitation Organization was established in the US and Korea in 1988, and it also has been about 10 years since the former president of Mexico Mr. Vincent Pax disclosed the necessity of a world organization for the disabled persons at the 56th UN General Assembly in 2001.



As the current UN Secretary General was from a Far East country (Korea), the first hosting country of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization was naturally nominated as Mexico. Korea filed an appeal and objection to the UN permanent members of the UN Security Council and the secretariat of the UN with respect to the hosting of Mexico on February 22, 2008.



The UN World Rehabilitation Organization is being built by the Mexican government while the parliaments of 80 countries have passed bills on the UN World Rehabilitation Organization as of 2010, and small working level conferences have been held eight times for organizing the UN World Rehabilitation Organization.



The UN World Rehabilitation Organization decided the names and logos of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization or the UN World Disabled Persons Organization and its 21 subordinate organizations twenty years ago for hosting the UN World Rehabilitation Organization. If Mexico hosts the organization, many legal disputes may arise with respect to the uses of the names and logos.



Time is therefore needed so that the USA, Australia or Korea can host the UN World Rehabilitation Organization. We kindly ask the presidents from the permanent members and the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and the G20 advanced countries to postpone the announcement of the hosting nation of the UN World Rehabilitation Organization in the 2010 UN General Assembly until the 2011 UN General Assembly.




August 18, 2010.




WRO (World Rehabilitation Organization)

Mr. Jung Sun, Kim,

Chairman of WRO.





To a representative office each country:



The permanent members of the UN Security Council.




Destination around the world.




UN Security Council.

1. U.S. President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

2. British Prime Minister, Mr. David William Donald Cameran.

3. French President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy.

4. Russian President, Mr. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

5. China National Senior, Mr. Hu Jintao.




UN non-permanent members.

1. President of Austria, Mr. Heinz Fischer.

2. President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Silajdzic U Posjeti Opcini Zivinice.

3. Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Kan Naoto.

4. President of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gul.

5. Lebanese President, Mr. Michel Sleiman.

6. Brazil's President, Mr. Luiz lnacio Lula da Silva.

7. Mexican President, Mr. Felipe de Jesus. Calderon Hinojosa.

8. Gabonese President, Mr. Ali-Ben Bongo Ondimba.

9. Nigerian President, Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

10. President of Uganda, Mr. Yoweri kaguta Museveni.



G20 countries.

1. EU presidency, Mr. Van rompuyi.

2. Canadian President, Mr. Stephen Joseph Harper.

3. German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Dorothea Merkel.

4. Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi.

5. South Korea President, Mr. Lee Myung Bak.

6. Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

7. Indonesian President, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyeno.

8. Saudi Arabia, Mr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al.

9. Australian Prime Minister, Mrs. Julia Eileen Gillard.

10. Argentine president, Mrs. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

11. South Africa, Mr. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.




Specially designated countries.

1. Vatican A Sua Santità Papa Benedetto XVI.

2. The United Nations Secretariat.

3. The Nobels Freds Senter.

4. The previous president, Mr. Jimmy Carter.




Embassy of the UN Security Council.

1. U.S. Embassy in Seoul.

2. British Embassy.

3. French Embassy.

4. Russian Federation Embassy in Seoul.

5. Embassy of People's Republic of Korea.




Embassy of the UN non-permanent members.

1. Austrian Embassy.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy in Japan.

3. Embassy of Japan.

4. Embassy of Republic of Turkey.

5. Lebanese Embassy in Seoul.

6. Brazilian Embassy in Seoul.

7. Mexican Embassy in Seoul.

8. Embassy of Republic of Gabon.

9. Nigerian Embassy in South Korea.

10. Embassy of Republic of Uganda.




Embassy of the G20 countries.

1. Embassy E.U. Representative.

2. Canadian Embassy

3. German Embassy.

4. Italian Embassy.

5. Embassy of Republic of Korea in the United States America.

6. Embassy of India.

7. Embassy of Republic of Indonesia.

8. Saudi Arabian Embassy in Seoul.

9. Australian Embassy.

10. Embassy of Argentina.

11. The South African Embassy.




Embassy of the Specially designated countries.

1. Vatican Embassy in Seoul.

2. South Korea shares the United Nations Representative.