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International Maritime Organization (IMO) international sailing vessel location tracking (LRIT) of Korea to attract proposals, disaster rescue SEAgod Life-Jacket developing world, according to the completion of market supply, and the fifth-generation mobile communications system of satellite communication mobile phone world Commonization in a progress report.




Ⅱ-2. Dear Honor Presidents from the permanent members and the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and the G20 advanced countries. (June 16, 2011.) (10/12)




Section 1. World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) Report.



"The world's population 1 billion people with disabilities" ... the World Health Organization. World Bank, the first report.



The world's population of 1 billion people with disabilities for the first time an official report was published. Report a 'huge minorities' social concern for people with disabilities and control measures called for.



World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank (WB) create a joint June 9, 2011 (local time), published 'World Disorder Report "from the world's population by 2010 about 1 billion people 15% of the various disorders are experiencing." he had told British daily The Guardian reported. Of these approximately 200 million people with severe disabilities and about 95 million children with disabilities also have been identified as Master. The report defined disability as well as the physical and mental disabilities. Is the concept of comprehensive environmental factors.



Nine of the hearing impaired population of 124.2 million people lost the lot. Retinal refractive 121.9 million people, 98.7 million people was followed by depression. Recent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and the elderly population increased 10 percent in the 1970s was also planning to increase the cause of the disabled is nine percentage. Disabled people were more likely to always.



Even in developed countries, persons with disabilities are being discriminated against. Normal people with disabilities and three times more than the medical services was denied. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of employment (OECD) based on the average employment rate of people without disabilities than 75% was far below 44%. Children with disabilities than the non-disabled children do not receive school education were found to correctly. In addition, the stigma against people with disabilities, lack of rehabilitation services for treatment, inconvenient transportation and buildings, was presented as a big barrier. In low income developing countries, especially the situation of children with disabilities were poor. In India, only 10% of children with disabilities are receiving education.



Global space physicist Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University, released a video message to the Conference Report for the disabled and the socially responsible investment, said. "The best medical care and suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, thanks to the help of close to where I could succeed. "We disabilities to remove barriers to participation in society has a moral obligation to spread their potential should invest sufficient funds." He said.



Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General said: "This report impaired the realities of the scientific basis for providing people with disabilities practical measures in order to prepare," said "people with disabilities in society marginalized expects many barriers we come," he said.




World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun Kim

Chairman of WRO.




Section 2. World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) Report.



Dear International Human Rights Commission



Listed in International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) will honor the referee in the deep. IHRC 2011 UN World Rehabilitation Organization as listed on the momentum that the 2011 UN General Assembly on September 66th world, the welfare of marginalized groups and persons with disabilities around the world to foster <the UN World Rehabilitation Organization> hope that the publicity. In addition, <the UN World Rehabilitation Organization> Headquarters of the South Korea hopes to attract.



In addition, <IHRC Declaration> World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) in the past, been declared to the UN and the world's marginalized groups around the world and the world to foster the welfare and human rights of people with disabilities, <Human Rights Declaration of the World Disabled> comment on human rights with North Korea Hope.



WRO 23 years a member of the UN and around the world have been made to the contents of the proposal must be submitted to the IHRC. World Rehabilitation Organization own proprietary technology in the world, five generations of the future information and communication technology innovation, IT technology and 5GHz frequency bands of the satellite network as a result around the world, earned royalties, and proceeds will be used for world peace. On the basis of this information, the current U.S. government, under negotiation with the Australian government information <as follows:> attached.



The UN WRO Organization proposal.



October 1, 2010.



Draft Reporter



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Kim Jung Sun

Chairman of WRO.




Section 3. World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) Report.



The September, 2011. UN General Assembly committed the “World Rehabilitation Organization's Headquarters” and the hope that Korea will attract.



June 13, 2011. World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank (WB) in collaboration with research material, according to people with disabilities worldwide reached 1 billion people that has been reported.



Today, the <World Rehabilitation Organization> definition for the origin and history, and is listed in the Google search site has been open to the world.



World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO), which is soon to be born in the United Nations organization, just cause, and justification has been presented in detail can be viewed.



June 16, 2011.




World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Mr. Jung-Sun Kim

Chairman of WRO.